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There's Something About Mary

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Character Profiles

Mary Jensen Matthews played by Cameron Diaz

Mary is Ted's High School dream girl. She asks him to the prom because he treats her retarded brother well and because she likes braces. After Ted screws up the prom opportunity she moves away to another state from Ted. Ted tracks her down years later. Mary is as beautiful as ever, single, and an Orthopedic Surgeon. A great competition for her attention ensues between Ted, his friend Dom, the Priviate detective Pat hired to find her, and a faked cripple named Tucker among others. The picture at left is of Mary a scene in which she mistook Ted's semen dripping from his ear for hair gel which causes her hair to stick up after she applies it.

Ted Stroehmann played by Ben Stiller

Ted is a goofy kid who is lucky enough to have the school hottie, Mary ask him to the prom when he is younger. Ted finds a way to even screw up this opportunity. He pulls his zipper into his crotch and has to go to the hospital. There went his opportunity with Mary. Years later he decides to try to find out just what happened to Mary. Therein begins the great competition he will have against Pat, Dom, Tucker, and even Bret Favre who all want Mary too.

Pat Healy played by Matt Dillon

Pat is a private detective that is hired by Ted to try to locate his lifelong dream girl Mary. After locating her in Miami Pat decides to go after her for himself and tells Ted she is fat and unavailable in essence. Pat's angle for trying to win over Mary is to eavesdrop and use what information he gathers to allow him to know just what Mary truly wants to hear.

Dom Woganowski (A.K.A. Woogie) played by Chris Elliot

Dom is one of Ted's friends with a strange skin disorder. Dom encourages Ted to not give up on his dream girl Mary and hire Pat, a private detective to try to locate her. Dom secretly wants Mary too though.

Warren Jensen played by W Earl Brown

This is Mary's retarded brother. The one thing he dislikes more than anything is to have his ears touched. Mary is very protective of her brother and even broke up with a boyfriend in the past when she learned of his mean spiritied comments about Warren.

Magda played by Lin Shaye

This is Mary's older very tanned landlady.

Tucker/Norman Phipps played by Lee Evans

Tucker is another suitor of Mary that pretends to require crutches in an attempt to gain Mary's sympathy. Tucker is an architect.

Charlie Jensen (Mary's Stepdad) played by Keith David

This is Mary's cool step dad. In the film he exists solely to provide humor when young Ted gets his zipper stuck in his crotch. This stepdad asks the classic question about just where the zipper got caught. He asks "is it the frank or the beans."

Magda's Dog

This Border Terrior is the dog of Mary's neighbor. Magda tells Mary that a man should be accepted by the dog before he can ever be her boyfriend. After Pat hears this he decides to tranquilize the dog so it can appear they are getting along. After the dog appears to be dead Pat has to try frantically to revive the dog. When the dog is revived via an electric shock it is given an upper and attacks Ted with a vengeance.

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