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The Stand

The movie begins at a military viral research center. An alarm sounds and automatic doors close within the complex. The researchers inside die almost instantly because of an accident. Outside a lone guard stands at his post, when he hears the alarm he just heads for his car and flees the scene in a bid to save his family. His departure from the scene allowed a dangeorus virus to be spread throughout the world. If he had just stayed put the world would have been spared from the disaster that was in store.

Within a very short period of time 99 percent of the human population has been eliminated by the deadly virus. The survivors have dreams of an old lady, Mother Abigail or of an evil entity in the form of a man known as Randall Flagg. The battle lines are drawn for those who will choose evil and those that will choose good. The evil entity Randall Flagg often spreads his presence through vultures that await as a sign of his plans for the world.

The Stand was a 4 part 8 hour mini series airing on TV in 1994. The first 2 hours of the saga with the initial spread of the virus are some of the finest in TV history. Bodies lay everwhere and survivors wander the earth curious as to if anyone else survived. The latter parts of the miniseries appealed to a mystical element that was quite hard to follow and drew out the story a bit. But nontheless the beginning of the saga alone is worth watching the whole thing for.


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