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The Wizard of Oz

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Growing up almost everyone has seen the Wizard of Oz at least one time. The movie was designed as a musical, but it has become the ultimate symbol of Halloween, childhood, and much more. A girl named Dorothy is transported from her house along with her dog toto by a tornado and sent to the magical land of Oz. All is fine and well in Oz except Dorothy just wishes to go home. She discovers that to get home she will have to find her way to the magical Wizard of Oz. The path to him is the yellow brick road. Along her journey to the Wizard, she encounters a cowardly lion, a scarecrow, and a tin man. Each of these characters desires something for their life.

The lion desires courage, the tin man desires a heart, and the scarecrow desires a brain. They encounter two witches in Oz. One is the good witch of the East, the other is the wicked witch of the west. Dorothy and her crew battle the witch and her monkey like guards in her castle. Dorothy kills the witch by tossing water on her; the witch promptly melts.

Ultimately the Wizard of Oz is reached and each of the travelers gets their one wish granted. Dorthy is told to click the hills on her ruby slippers together two times and say "There's no place like home." and then she will be home. Dorthy awakes in her bed, as if the whole experience in Oz was just a dream. Each of the characters she encountered resembled someone she knew. The Wizard of Oz was orignally shown in theaters in 1939. The movie has endured the test of time and with no modification has delighted children for generations.

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