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They Live

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An unemployed man rumages through the street. With a big dumb look on his face always he seems oblivious to the world. This man, John Nada is played by former wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper. He finds a pair of sunglasses which allows him a different view of the world. With the glasses on he sees hidden messages everywhere. Stop signs have messages to conform or obey, even television delivers textual messages of surrender that can only be seen with these glasses on. Around him everywhere he sees a world of people who appear human without the glasses but with them on they appear alien.

Being the slow witted dult that he is he goes to meet with a single local reporter in the hopes that she can break the story about what he has seen. The way he says the glasses show him everything really proves humorous. She thinks he is crazy and throws his glasses away and threatens to call the police.

Energized and reinvigorated the hero meets with his best friend and tries to convince him about how the world truly is. Just try on the glasses he asks but his friend is not so understanding. One hell of a hand to hand fight ensues. After each man has received such a beating that no mortal man would have a single functional bone or tendon left the glasses are finally tried on.

The two travel to a meeting place where others in the know discuss the conspiracy of those who control the world. The meeting is soon broken up by the alien police forces. Guys go down right and left shooting with both barrels but they are just too heavily outnumbered.

The film's hero and his friend discover a wrist watch off the aliens that allows them to travel into a secret control complex. There they are told how people in positions of power are merely bought off or offered positions of power in the new order to just keep their mouth shut. With soldiers following him in the final stages of the movie the dull witted hero turns off a radio signal that allows all the subliminal imagery to dominant the world. In bars and streets everywhere the aliens are exposed.

The movie presents a tale of aliens who come not to conquer but to exploit. To them we are the third world to benefit from economically. They recruit and control the world through bribes, deception, and only as a last resort force. The movie really does comment on just how the world works, even if a dull witted hero and his action heroics are the venue for its discovery. It seems with determination that even a dumb hero can triumph over the formaldehyde faces of this film and its quite fun to watch him try.

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