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A lawyer accidentally hits and kills a woman with his car after being distracted by sexual actions being performed on him by his wife. The lawyer contacts a judge and a police officer and uses his connections to cover up the event. The husband of the woman he killed, a gypsy was not to happy about this. The gypsy puts a curse on the lawyer. He whispers thinner and the lawyer who was once fat now is losing weight and can't seem to stop. The others that helped him are also punished one becomes lizard like after the wicked gypsy whispers lizard.

With time the lawyer's loss of weight becomes a desperate thing. The lawyer finally confronts the gypsy and his fellows and is quickly blown off. "I'll never lift the curse" the Gypsy proclaims and then he cackles while calling the lawyer "white man from town." The lawyer contacts one of the criminals he once defended who wants to help. He tracks down the old gypsy and threatens him until the curse is lifted. The crazed criminal will hurt the gypsies daughter if he doesen't comply.

The gypsy creates a pie, after it is eaten the lawyer will start to gain weight again. The gypsy asks just why "white man from town" had to lie and cover up his accident. That was what really angered the gypsy. The gypsy almost talks like an old Indian war chief and really delivers creative one liners throughout this movie based on a Stephen King novel.

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