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The Time Machine

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A man builds a time machine in the hopes of learning of man's history and his future. His travels bring knowledge of a future he had never hoped could be. He ends up most puzzled by a point several thousand years in the future. After war had scorched the Earth and depleted its resources, man was split into two camps. One of these groups chose to stay above ground in an attempt to somehow stay alive in the now contaminated and deadly ground which now blanketed the Earth. The other group of man chose instead to go below ground, into hiding; from the outside world and its dangers.

Over time these two groups evolved to meet their environments. On the ground the people evolved little but become known as the Eloi. Under the ground evolution took a different path. Darkness under the ground and cold, led man in that environement to become more beastlike, more hairy. These beings overtime became known as the Morlocks. Ironically their physical brutishness was accompanied by machines and technology. The Morlocks were the brains of the world in this future.

The Eloi lived a simple life; it did not become apparent just why they were all children and had no skills until a bit later on in the film. The Eloi it seems were provided for by the Morlocks. They were conditioned to respond to bells and go to the entrances of Morlock underground complexes. Such rituals were so the Eloi could be easily corraled to be used as food for their Morlock masters. Childish and slow witted those who resembled man most, the Eloi became devoid of history, devoid of substance.

The film's traveler from the future ultimately meets the beastly Morlock in their lairs and leads the Eloi's to victory against them. A life of toil and intellectual discovery was to follow for the Eloi. This was far different from the life of ease that the Eloi had known. The film's traveler from the past chose to stay and help them with the great tasks before them. This film is a classic that describes the dangers of following what is the easy path rather than seeking that which is progressive

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