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Rose DeWitt Bukater played by Kate Winslet

Rose is the film's beautiful rich girl who suffers from Romeo and Juliet complexes. Her mother wants her to marry one man, Caledon, and she wants to love another Jack. Rose feels alive with Jack as she never truly had to take risks for herself considering the sheltered life she has led. Rose surrenders herself to Jack who paints her and ultimately loves her. When the Titantic begins to sink and Jack is no where to be found she goes back for him amidst the rising water everywhere. Rose does turn down a few lifeboats and ultimately ends up without one just like Jack. She then enjoys a comfy piece of wood to float on while Jack freezes to death in the water.

Jack Dawson played by Leonardo DiCaprio

Jack is the film's poor guy who lucks into a ticket on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Jack won his way via a poker match. He doesen't quite fit in on the ship though as everyone is rich and stuck up and Jack is just an innocent country boy. Jack first meets Rose when she is contemplating killing herself by jumping into the ocean. Jack states that if she jumps he would have to go after her and it would be the coldness of the water and not the impact of the fall that would worry him most. Jack is an artist and he gets to explore Rose's body through art before finally exploring it in person.Jack's love of Rose gets him arrested and chained on false charges of theft. Rose comes back to save him but then hogs the wood that Jack found for them both to rest on and he dies.

Caledon 'Cal' Hockley played by Billy Zane

Caledon is the film's stuck up guy that becomes a bad guy when circumstances demand it. Caledon tries to work Rose's mother so that Rose can be pushed into marrying him. When Cal discovers that Rose has been spending time with Jack he's furious and has Jack arrested on some fake charges of theft. At the movie's end Jack turns down a lifeboat at first so that he can go back and search for Rose who refused a lifeboat to search for Jack. Running through the ship with shooting his pistol Cal tries to get his revenge. When Cal can't buy his way onto another lifeboat, he steals a child and uses sympathy for the child to get to a lifeboat.

Spicer Lovejoy played by David Warner

Lovejoy is Caledon's enforcer. When Caledon has a problem with Jack Dawson Mr Lovejoy plants evidence of Jack committing a crime and then chains him up. When the Titantic begins to sink Lovejoy leaves Jack to die. Lovejoy is one of the few passengers in the movie that is armed.

Captain Edward J. Smith played by Bernard Hill

This is the captain of the Titanic. He tries to travel at a steady pace. But his superiors want him to go faster so that the Titantic's voyage can gain more positive publicity for the Whitestar company. When he is told his ship will sink, he slowly makes preparations to evacuate those that can be to lifeboats. He himself waits at the wheel until he is overcome by water. This captain actually did go down with his ship gracefully in the film at least.

Thomas Andrews played by Victor Garber

Thomas is the head engineer that helped design the Titantic ship for the Whitestar company. He has absolute confidence in his ship's seaworthiness but is troubled that the Titanic only carries a fraction of the lifeboats that he orginally planned it to. When the ship hits a giant iceberg, Thomas does the math and determines his ship, the Titanic will sink. This was quite hard for him to admit as he thought he had built a nearly unsinkable ship.

Brock Lovett played by Bill Paxton

Brock is an excavator. His mission is to reclaim wreckage from the sunk Titantic ship including the Heart of the Titantic necklace which is invaluable. He finds Rose's story interesting but seeks data to help him accomplish his objectives more than anything else.

Mrs. Margaret 'Molly' Brown played by Kathy Bates

Molly Brown is the film's loud mouthed broad with personality. She helps Jack Dawson find appropriate dress clothes for a dance on the ship and seems to be one of the few onboard the Titantic that values humanity more than money and prestige. On a rowboat she pleas for the boat to go back and try to rescue the people who are dying in the cold waters of the ocean. The boat would have been swamped if they had she is told. Still she can't help but exclaim that its their men out there that are dying.

Lizzy Calvert played by Suzy Amis

Lizzy is the grandaughter of Rose from the movie. She believes the Heart of the Titantic necklace is an artifact that needs to be preserved. She finds her grandmother's story about the Titantic sinking very interesting as it is told to her.

Ruth DeWitt Bukater played by Frances Fisher

This is Rose's mother. She is a "prim and proper" lady and believes that she must personally see to it that her daughter marries into another family of prestige and wealth. She thinks that Caledon Hockley would make a good future husband for Rose. Rose disagrees with this but seems powerless to resist her mother on this topic.

Rose Dawson Calvert played by Gloria Stuart

This is the old version of Rose that is telling the story of the Titanic to a group of excavators. The excavator's bring her in to try to find out additional info to help them locate the valuable Heart of the Titanic necklace that they believe went down with the Titanic. Rose won't tell them much about the necklace, but at the movie's end she reveals she had kept it all those years since the Titanic sunk. Then like an idiot she tosses the necklace in the ocean and dies.

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