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Top Gun

Aerial aces have had their place on the battle field for decades. They dogfight, outmaneuver and soar throughout the skies. The best of the best of America's Aerial forces can participate in the Top Gun training program if they so dare. Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer play two such pilots that particpate in the Top Gun program. Textbook based tactics are taught, and learned; but the true strength of the program is the real world experience that aces garner from each other's unorthodox practices.

The movie is one of Mig's, F-15's, missiles, and aces. The movie lives up to its theme song "take my breath away," as people soar high, fly far, and play to win. This cinematic spectacle is without doubt the greatest Navy recruiting film ever made. Tom Cruise pursues his female instructer, and rides smug and cool on his motorcyle in pursuit of his wants and needs. In one scene he confronts her and is told that the reason she was so hard on his tactical judgement was because no one else could make his maneuvers work, and she didn't wish to cause others to find out about their relationship.

After thinking that he was being screwed because the instructer had it out for him, Cruise discovers that his skill goes beyond that of any class or curiculum, and this thinking goes to strengthen his already rather strong ego. In the end, training school is no more and its time for real battle. Cruise shoots down Mig's with his co pilot and enjoys the thrill of true battle and true aerial kills. The movie while loved for its display of man and machine in the sky is even more known perhaps for its dramatic theme song.

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