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Total Recall

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In the distant future man colonizes Mars while virtual reality has become a substitutue for vacation. One company "Recall" can implant memories of any event into one's mind for a price. The memories and experiences implanted seem as real as if they actually occurred. One man as played by Arnold Schwarzenegger decides to go to Recall and have a memory implanted of a vacation on Mars (or what he thinks is a memory implant). In reality he is on the Martian landscape not knowing who he is but having an adventure so unbelievable that he belives it has to be a virtual dream.

As the movie unfolds one discovers that the adventure on Mars is indeed real, but it is the personality of the man which has been altered. To get closer to the leader of the Mars Resistance movement, those in charge of Mars send their best agent to find and assasinate the leader. The man sent is of course Arnold Schwarzenegger who discovers that in reality before being programmed with his new personality that he was quite a mean and vindictive soul. But sometimes people can change and as things are under way to convert Arnold back to his former self, he rebels. Stabbing an attendent with his arm restraint and busting out of his chair he climbs to freedom.

Air generators are turned off on Mars in an attempt to kill off Mars resistance forces. Alien artifacts and a legend of a machine deep in the core that can turn ice to oxygen prompt a trek deep within the planet. As the machine is turned on Arnold's eyes buldge out in one of the more memorable special effects scenes. Like a cartoon character out of control or Jim Carrey during transformation in the Mask, Arnold's face contorts in every which way because of lack of air.

Total Recall presents many scene elements that give it an almost classic appeal with "Arnold's fans." From the mutated bartender on Mars, to the hooker with three breasts, and the infamous tracking device in Arnold's nose this movie has much to remember and enjoy.

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