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Total Recall

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Douglas Quaid played by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Douglas Quaid is a simple worker who decides that a vacation from the Recall corporation would be the best vacation. Or at least thats who he thinks he is. In reality Quaid is a former agent of Mr. Cohaagen who is reprogrammed as a "good" man in an attempt to find out who the rebel underground leader is who would naturally seek out a man whom Mr. Cohaagen appears to want dead so badly.

Lori played by Sharon Stone

Lori in the beginning of the film is introuduced as the wife of Douglas Quaid. In reality she just pretends to be Douglas's wife as part of a plan to make Quaid become a new person than he was before. Lori's true husband is Richter. When Lori is killed Richter makes it his mission to track Quaid down.

Melina played by Rachel Ticotin

Melina is the female that Douglas Quaid travels throughout Mars with as part of what he thinks is his Recall generated vacation. Melina is athletic and fits the type that Douglas Quaid told Recall staff he preferred. Melina helps Quaid elude the men of Mr. Cohaagen and ultimately helps Douglas Quaid find an ancient alien air making machine on mars.

Helm played by Michael Champion

Helm is the assistant of Richter. He is a technogeek of sorts and is seen in the film reading computer displays which provide readouts of Quaid's location as relayed by a bug planted on Douglas Quaid.

Richter played by Michael Ironside

Richter is a right hand man of Mr. Cohaagen. Richter chases Douglas Quaid all over Mars. Richter's wife pretended to be Quaid's wife as part of Mr Cohaagen's scheme to get Quaid his former best agent to become a different person capable of getting close to the leader of Mars resistance.

Dr. Edgemar played by Roy Brocksmith

Dr. Edgemar is a pschologist that is dispatched to Douglas Quaid in an attempt to convince Douglas to let the company Recall help him emerge from the fantasy trip it created for him which is his life at the moment. Quaid doesen't buy this but thinks it is possible that his entire adventure at Mars is a Recall holiday. But when Quaid points a gun at the Dr. and he sweats, he knows its a lie and promptly shoots Edgemar in the head.

Mr. Cohaagen played by Ronny Cox

Mr. Cohaagen runs Mars and has had to deal with rumors of alien artifacts on the planet as well as a mutant lead rebellion against his rule. He attempts to nip this rebellion in the bud by creating Douglas Quaid, a man whom he chases in an attempt to lure out the rebel underground who will help him because he is a perceived enemy of Mr. Cohaagen.

Mutant Woman

This is just one of the many mutant people seen in the film in the bar on Mars.

George/Kuato human host played by Marshall Bell

Kuato is the mutant leader of the group on Mars that is resisting the corporation that runs it. Kuato is a mutant that lives in the belly of what appears to be an ordinary human, George. Kuato has great mental and telephatic abilities. George hides Kuato almost all of the time to protect against assasination.

Johnnycab voice provided by Robert Picardo

Johnnycab is a animatronic taxi cab driver on Mars. Johnny gives Douglas Quaid a particularly hard time when trying to flee from those who are chasing him. Douglas Quaid says go and shit but the Johnnycab does not know those destinations. Ripped from the chair Johnnycab is thrown from his vehicle by Douglas Quaid who then drives the cab himself.

Benny played by Mel Johnson Jr.

Benny is the cab driver that Douglas Quaid uses to escape trouble when he is being chased. Benny claims he has lots of children to take care of so he needs a large fee for his transportation assistance. Benny is a mutant and also a spy for Mr. Cohaagen who uses Douglas Quaid to find out about the leader of the resistance on Mars so he can be killed..

Midget Prostitute

This is just a cool character. In the brothel on Mars she is seen wandering around quite a bit. When a battle erupts she is one of the first to pick up a gun and fight. Feisty but small sizes this character up.

The Girl of Three

This is the notorius three breasted prostitute of Mars which is seen briefly in the film.

Fat lady/Arnold's Disguise played by Priscilla Allen

This larger lady is a disguise that is used by Arnold's character to evade security on Mars. The face is programmed to say a set number of phrases, and Arnold gets caught when it keep saying "TWO WEEKS." Then after guards are staring Arnold takes the head off and throws it as a bomb.

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