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Trading Places

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General Sites features cast and crew details, and quotes courtesy of the Internet Movie Database contains a review with trivia, and a picture from an 80's movie fan site. a brief analysis of the themes, setting, and main character types in the movie. contains three pictures, two sound samples, and a review

Quotes features a collection of quotes from the movie courtesy of the Internet Movie database. contains a collection of paragraph length quotes of dialogue from the film.

Sounds features a few sound files in wav format from the film. contains sound files from the film in MP3 format.

Trivia and Mistakes contains a collection of nitpicks or errors in the film. features mistakes in the film involving a mirror image, camera angles, and hair. a collection of trivia tidbits for the movie involving Family Feud, Rocky III, and other interesting related things interweaved into the film.

Reviews Features links to 7 external review sites from the Internet Movie Database.^Trading+Places+(1983) Features links to 6 review sites courtesy of the Movie Review Query Engine a review of the film in which it is stated that the film "is most famous for being the movie in which Jamie Lee Curtis finally bared her breasts."

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