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Under Seige Movies

Under Seige

A Navy warship carrying nuclear missiles is hijacked by terrorists. The crew is promptly imprisoned; all except for the ship's cook played by Steven Segal. He finally uncovers what has happened and uncovers another person who has not been imprisoned. It's a playboy playmate. He arms her with a semi automatic rifle and moves forward removing any and all badguys. Knife fights are his speciality. Ultimately the nuclear missiles are disarmed and do not fall into enemy hands. The movie is the one most responsible for establishing Steven Segael as a world renowned action superstar.

Under Seige 2

A train is hijacked by terrorists with the power to reposition America's own satelite systems. Steven Segal is on vacation and just happens to be on this train with his neice. An aerial attack on the train is considered, and fighters actually fly overhead. But when Segal is onboard would any air attack really be necessary? A targeting CD needed to position the satelite and weapons systems the terrorists need is lost and falls outside the train. Everyone is dispatched to look for it. Segal finds an ally in the form of a young baggage employee. Together they defeat the terrorists and reclaim the train. Like the first Under Seige, knife fights are its speciality as far as action sequences.

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