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Universal Soldier Characters

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Luc Deveraux played by Jean-Claude Van Damme

Luc is a former US soldier during the Vietnam war. He tries to prevent a comrade, Scott from killing a bunch of Vietnamese civilians. The struggle that ensues results in Luc and Scott both dying. Luc is brought to life as a Universal Soldier. His memory is supposedly erased of the events in his previous life, but Luc manages to rememeber his experiences with Scott who now is a fellow Universal Soldier serving with him. When Scott takes control of the Universal Soldiers he hunts down Luc in an attempt to kill his former enemy.

Andrew Scott played by Dolph Lundgren

Scott is a US soldier who fought during the Vietnam war. He believed in winning at all costs, and tried to massacre a large group of Vietnamese civilians becaues he thought they supported the enemy or would turn up later as enemy soldiers themselves. Fellow soldier Luc intervenes and tries to stop the massacre. In the struggle both Luc and Scott were killed. Scott is frozen and preserved in death and later resurrected by the government as a new form of life known as a universal soldier. Scott rebels from his governmental masters and leads a group of Universal Soldiers against his former enemy Luc.

Veronica Roberts played by Ally Walker

Veronica is a TV newswoman that is fired from her job. She uncovers Luc who tells her of the Universal Soldiers or Unisols. Veronica in return tries to explain how things work in the real world to Luc. But Luc has difficulty and in one scene after eating everything a diner has to offer. He proclaims he has no money and just wants to eat. Forgetting to mention that his female friend Veronica would be paying for everything Luc ends up having to fight almost everyone in the bar for his one last chicken leg it seems. Veronica is hunted by the other Unisols and Luc finds himself as a protector for her from the evil Unisol Scott.

Colonel Perry and Staff

The man with the beret is Colonel Perry. Along with his staff of scientists and army personnel he maintains control over America's latest weapon, the Universal Soldiers. Requiring constant referigeration, special commands, and constant supervision, Perry serves as a high level babysitter of sorts for the Universal Soldiers. When his new toys do things they are not supposed to his job gets even harder.

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