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Universal Soldier

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Soldiers have always been viewed as machines. This movie takes that theme a bit farther. In this film soldiers who have died have been resurrected. As long as their bodies are "run hot" they can sustain life. Drugs and hormones are used to keep these soldiers in top physical shape. One such soldier is played by Jean Claude Van Damme. He is hunted by a group of his comrades lead by a character played by Dolph Lundgreen.

The film has many classic scenes, the mission scenes at a water damn at the beginning showcase the extreme capabilities of these super soldiers. But such capabilities of strength and endurance require energy. In one scene Van Damme's character eats plate after plate of food until the diner's owner insists he pay now. A brawl ensues, with chicken leg in one leg and a piece of his adversaries in the other, Van Damme fights his way back to his food. "I just want to eat." is his battle cry, and quite humorous it is.

In the films end, Van Damme faces his arch enemy. Amazing aerial attacks proceed as do incredible punch combinations. Van Damme would have lost the battle was it not for a dose of strength serum which he swiped from his enemy during a struggle. This movie will cause one to recall the Terminator saga, as that is just the sort of machines the Universal Soldiers are in this movie.

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Soldier Movie

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