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John Carpenter's Vampires

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Imagine a world where Vampires exist in multitudes and those who hunt them for humanity are employed by the Catholic church. In John Carpenter's Vampires, the saviors of man explore desolate plains, and isolated houses in the desert in search of their prey. When vampires are found they are generally attacked at night. With crossbows through their hearts they are dragged out into the daylight where their remains immediately burst into flames at the mere presence of sunlight. If the wounded vampires put up a struggle then they are towed outside with a truck. Thats the routine or how it is supposed to go down time and time again.

The movie begins with one hell of a fight scene. A team of vampire hunters utterly demolishes a den of the undead. As they count their winnings they uncover they are missing one body; that being the body of the master vampire. He returns and kills all of the hunting group except its leader and one of the teams recreational items; a prostitute who is bitten.

The team leader who survives this ordeal is played by tough guy James Wood. He aims to use the prostitute who is slowly forming a mental connection with the master vampire who will soon control her from even a distance. The prostitute who is slowly turning into a vampire is used as a means to track the master vampire to his den.

The movie follows the journey's of this hunter and his quest to locate the master vampire. The master vampire and his underlings emerge at night from their sleep within the earth. The vampires search for a legendary black cross which is needed for an important sacrifice to enable a lone powerful vampire, "the master" to rule the world. Before success can be acheived by the vampire hunter in his quest to stop the vampires, a great betrayal occurs. A member of the Roman Catholic church, a high priest betrays his loyalty to god in an attempt for immortality. With the help of the priest, the vampires locate their chief rival and prepare to sacrifice him to fullfill the prophesy of the vampire who can walk in the light and will lead the world into forever darkness.

The world's hopes are pinned on a single man who hunts vampires for a living. While crude, frequently drunk, and always ruthless, he still is the "defender of the faith" and of all faith for man. Crucified and marked for death can he arise to the challenge before him and defeat the darkness?

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