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John Carpenter's Vampires

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Character Profiles

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Jack Crow played by James Woods

Jack Crow is the leader of the slayers, a group paid by the Catholic church to hunt and kill vampires. Jack is rough talking and less than the ideal representation of godliness but he gets his job done. Jack witness the death of all of his team except Montoya in a small motel during a celebration. There the master Vampire Valek strikes. Jack then makes it his mission to hunt down Valek. When Jack discovers that Valek is being aided by his boss Cardinal Alba he makes it his mission to kill them both. At the movie's end when his best friend Montoya and his friend Katrina escape via car he states he will find and kill them ever how long it takes. He must as they are slowly turning into vampires.

Montoya played by Daniel Baldwin

Montoya is a close friend of Jack Crow and a long time slayer of Vampires. When Montoya is assigned to watch Katrina a woman recently bitten by a Vampire he himself gets bitten. Montoya hides this fact from his partner Jack and becomes in love with Katrina. After the final showdown between Jack Crow and the master Vampire Valek, Montoya rides off with Katrina. He rides off because he and his female friend will soon both be vampires that Jack Crow will have to then hunt and kill.

Katrina played by Sheryl Lee

Katrina is a lovely prostitute that Jack Crow and his gang utlize for recreation in a motel after a succesful raid on a Vampire lair. When a Super Master vampire named Valek wrecks the party he bites Katrina on the neck. She slowly is turning into a vampire as Jack tries to use her to locate the vampire Valek. Katrina bites Montaya when he watches her alone. He keeps this a secret and at the end of the film Montaya and Katrina travel together on the run as they are slowly turning into vampires that Jack Crow will have to hunt down and kill.

Jan Valek played by Thomas Ian Griffith

Valek is a legendary master vampire. He strives for a dark cross that will enable him to becomes a vampire that can walk during the day as well as the night. He travels the world with a group of master vampires in search of his prize. Valek battles Jack Crow and his crew and kills all of them but Jack and his close friend Montaya who are partying in a motel after a succesful vampire raid. Valek also bites a prostitute named Katrina who becomes a way for Jack Crow to keep up with Valek because vampires share a mental link with those they bite. Valek arranges a great ceremony involving the legendary black cross. The Catholic Cardinal Alba has agreed to bless the dark ceremony in exchange for immortality.

Father Adam Guiteau played by Tim Guinee

This is a tag along assigned by Cardinal Alba to keep an eye on Jack Crow and his crew. The Father witnesses first hand how the business of killing vampires is anything but pretty or holy. He even dons armor of sorts and fights alongside Jack and his crew.

Cardinal Alba played by Maximilian Schell

The Cardinal is the chief religious figure responsible for taking care of the vampire problem of the world for the Catholic Church. The Cardinal uses slayers like Jack Crow and his paid killers to fight the vampire problem. But the Cardinal is getting older and fears death. He strikes a deal with Valek the master vampire in which he agrees to bless a human sacrifice in exchange for immortality.

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