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War of the Worlds

In 1953 Aliens reach the Earth not as part of any scientific endeaver; but instead as part of an invasion force. With warships inpenetrable to any weapon in man's arsenal their attack proved unstoppable. Buildings crumbled, a civilization it seemd was doomed to die and be replaced by its technological superior. Even atomic weapons had no effect on the energy shields used by Alien warships. With the power to disintegrate battle tanks with out even slowing down, man was left in a deep state of fear.

But as with all travelers the alien's did depart their vessels on occasion to inspect the world which they felt would soon be their own. This was to be their one fatal mistake. While man's bullets, missiles, and tanks could not even dent the war machines of these new visitors, the Earth's bacterias and viruses could attack in ways unforeseen by this advanced alien race. One by one the alien ships began to crash from the sky with no reason apparent. But as they hit the ground it became apparent that the Aliens had been killed by bacteria and common microscopic life that Earthlings are accostumed to. Like the Indians of long ago, these aliens would realize the danger of "germ warfare."

This movie was followed by a loosely based Television series entitled War of the Worlds in the 1990's. The series continued on with the premise that the aliens did not die but were instead put into a state of hibernation. Restored and much larger, they have gained the power to mix their cells with human cells, and to in effect take over human bodies like hosts.

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