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Weird Science

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Two teenage boys Gary and Wyatt fool around with their computer and invent a super powerful being capable of doing almost anything. They name her Lisa. Gorgeous but yet, completely under their command she is almost more than they can handle. She helps them to tame Chet an older brother who bullies Gary and Wyatt. She turns him into a toad like creature for a bit and freezes meddlesome grandparents when they become a bother.

But more than giving power and dependence, she shows her teenage creators the ways of courage and self confidence. She creates them a nice car and helps them to find girlfriends. During a party she creates an attack by crazed bikers which Gary and Wyatt handle with ease after an initial period of fear.

The movie ends with a messy house because of the party.. Parents are on their way home. Lisa magically cleans the house, turns Chet back into himself, and unfreezes grandparents which were frozen earlier. The final scene of the movie shows Lisa before a gym class at school showcasing her seductive powers one last time.

The movie was followed by a tv series on the USA cable network. The ability to create your own dream woman, is the essence of the movie. Followed by adventure and intrigue the movie illustrates that sometimes granted wishes can be more trouble than envisioned.

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