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Weird Science

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Lisa played by Kelly LeBrock

Lisa is virual reality woman created by Garry Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly. She is created in a most magical method. Pictures of models are scanned in as well as other desired attributes and then a ritual involving wearing bras and a surge in power created her. Lisa has great powers over the universe as she can grant wishes, create things out of thin air, and alter reality. Her mission is to take Garry and Wyatt from lowly geeks to confident powerful, popular people. Lisa is happy when Garry and Wyatt finally have female company apart from her. At the end of the film Lisa is seen as a gym instructor for High School boys.

Garry Wallace played by Anthony Michael Hall

Gary is a cocreator of Lisa and the best friend of Wyatt Donnelly. When Lisa is created Garry is all gungho about seeing just how real she is and what are capabilities are. Garry also is very horny and wants to learn about girls sooner rather than later.

Wyatt Donnelly played by Ilan Mitchell-Smith

Wyatt is the brother of Chet, an older sibling that constantly picks on him and his friend Garry. Wyatt is a cocreator of Lisa who helps teach his brother a bit about respecting Wyatt. Wyatt also learns how to deal with girls and how to stand up for himself thanks to Lisa.

Chet Donnelly played by Bill Paxton

Chet is the older brother of Wyatt whom he constantly picks on. Chet believes his brother is engaged in some freaky stuff with his friend Garry. When Chet spots Lisa and his house is a mess he threatens to tell mom and dad. Lisa then turns him into a toad like creature to calm Chet down.

Lord General played by Vernon Wells

This is the leader of the bad guys Lisa conjures to Garry and Wyatt's party. He calls the two boys wimps and threatens to take their dates. Finally Garry and Wyatt have been pushed far enough and force the lord and his men to leave at gunpoint or face the consequences.

Mutant Biker played by Michael Berryman

This mutant biker was sent to Garry and Wyatt's party by Lisa to help teach her male creators a thing or two about courage. At first Garry and Wyatt cower and hide from this biker and his bruttish party wreckers. But ultimately Gary and Wyatt gain the courage to send this party wrecker packing. This particular character is a High School teacher who is afraid that news of his antics will cost him his job.

The Grandparents

These two are the grandparents that arrive at Wyatt's house by surprise. Lisa doesen't know what to do with them so she freezes them in position so they won't case any trouble.

Ian (Left) played by Robert Downey Jr. and
Max (right) played by Robert Rusler

These two are the studs of Gary and Wyatt's school. They pick on Garry and Wyatt because they can. But when Lisa shows up they are mesmerized and they too want Lisa just like Gary and Wyatt do.

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