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Welcome to the Dollhouse

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Dawn Wiener played by Heather Matarazzo

Dawn is the film's tortured soul that is not liked by her family, framed for cheating at school, told she will be raped later, and even forced to take a dump for someone else's sense of amusement. Dawn is a Junior High Student that has few joys in life. She enjoys spending time in her "special people" tree house, so naturally her parents keep trying to get it torn down. Dawn is overshadowed by her younger sister who gets all the attention. Dawn wants an older man, Steve Rogers but of course he will have nothing to do with her. To top her life off she is often asked if she is a lesbian at school and everyone knows her as wiener dog. If Dawn was a boy in the film she would have planned some great revenge but she's a young girl with no friends so she takes her pain as a form of medicine for life all alone.

Mark Wiener played by Matthew Faber

Mark is Dawn's geeky brother. Dawn gathers information about Steve Rogers via him. Mark proclaims that Steve will sleep with anything. Mark by his own words is too busy with school to even think about girls. He does enjoy working with his rock band even though they really suck. But mostly Mark Wiener is a computer nerd.

Steve Rodgers played by Eric Mabius

Steve Rogers is Dawn's dream guy. She builds a little shrine for him in her room and performs strange encantations to try to harness the powers of nature to will Steve Rogers to like her. Steve comes over to Dawn's house to study with Dawn's brother and Dawn just has a field day with it. She says nothing of her interest since she is so much younger than Steve on this occasion though. Later Dawn musters the courage to go to Steve Roger's house and speak up about her interest in him. She offers to take him to her treehouse for "special people." Steve just blows her off and replies with something along the lines that special people are retarded.

Lolita played by Victoria Davis

This girl has no intended major role in the movie other than the stereotypical female bully. She does take bullying with Dawn one step further than the norm when she confronts Dawn in the bathroom and insists that Dawn "take a shit." She then proceeds to wait and delights in Dawn's discomfort on the whole matter.

Brandon McCarthy played by Brendan Sexton III

Brandon first enters Dawn's world when he tries to cheat off her and gets her in trouble. Brandon then proclaims to Dawn that "You're going to get raped." He keeps up this charade for days and finally catches up with Dawn in a quiet place and becomes all mushy and tries to make her his secret girlfriend but is turned down.

Missy Wiener and Mrs. Marj Wiener
played by Daria Kalinina and Angela Pietropinto

Missy is Dawn's cutesy younger sister that everyone in Dawn's family just loves including her mom. In one scene in the movie the mom tries to get Dawn to tell Missy that she loves her. Dawn just refuses and sits at the table alone all night. Ironically after this statement of defiance Missy is kidnapped to give Dawn a little bit of guilt for nothing she was even responsible for.

Mr. Harv Wiener played by Bill Buell (I)

This is Dawn's dad. He pretty much has no interest whatsoever in his daughters life except when his wife decides that Dawn has done something wrong.

School Principal

When Brandon, a fellow student cheats off Dawn she gets in trouble and has to see the principal. He informs her that this sort of thing could go on her permanent record and she should be more careful in the future. To be scolded by some principal you have never seen before for something you didn't even do; thats Dawn's life.

The Snobbish School Girls

These girls represent the cool popular girls of Junior High, the very ones that enjoy asking if Dawn Weiner is a lesbian and calling her Weiner dog.

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