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During the heart of the cold war, the two great super powers had always anticipated that actual war might come. In the movie WWIII, America severs trade relations with The Soviet Union and refuses to sell them wheat. The cities of the USSR tinker on the brink of starvation.Russian troops cross into Alaska and prepare to take the Alaskan pipeline as a bargaining piece. The only thing in their way, is a few trainee soldiers with limited ammo and a limited number of rifles. As Russian troops come in hordes, Americans strapped for ammo and armed only with "training rifles" lay down in plastic tubes to give them some shelter from enemy fire. Since there was little ammunition, every shot fired is fired with sniper like precision. No round can be spared or wasted. American and Russian leaders continue to discuss the current situation as things play out far away on the battle field of Alaska. Ultimately the Russians storm the meager compound of the Americans. As the final battle plays out, the movie takes on an almost "Alamo" like mystique as the heroes fight with guns until ammo runs out and then fight with hand to hand tactics. This is very similar to how things played out in the Alamo battle of the past. The movie's ending needs to be seen to be fully appreciated as no meager summary of the movie can explain it.

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