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You've Got Mail

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This is one of many films that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have starred in together. In this film Meg Ryan plays the owner of a small family oriented book store. Tom Hanks plays the owner of a large book store chain that is moving in to compete with Meg Ryan's small operation. Both of the film's chief characters live in New York city and enjoy their regular online experiences courtesy of America On Line. There are many ways to chat online. Rather than using browser based chats, Irc, or internet phone, our characters converse primarily through e-mail.

Personal situational problems are shared by each of our characters one e-mail at a time. The film used brief e-mails rather than the rather substantial ones that "online love" usually will entail. The character played by Tom Hanks, figures out early on that his online companion is the female owner of a competing book chain. He uses situational manipulation techniques to maneuver closer to his female friend with each meeting while carefully keeping the fact that they are friends via e-mail a closely guarded secret.

But one day the secret does come out. Slow walks together and the usual reminiscenses of past things they have shared ensue as does the usual realization of love as most see it stereotyped. The film projects love in such a way that neither job nor lifestyle differences can ever get in the way. The film also without doubt serves as the greatest AOL promotion in the history of cinema. This film portrays online discourse in a manner that is more emotional than logical. This may appeal to the masses of America that see love as blind, but in reality all things are far more planned.

The true power of the written word can not be as easily explained or understood by this media creation. However it does inspire a sense of goodness of being and purpose which has its place in the world. It's a film worth seeing as the "You've got mail" voices will elicit quite a chuckle from regular internet veterans. The film's display of situational meetings which occur as a result of online discourse are quite distorted from reality. Those whom can identify with this film most from experience may find it a film more for laughing than for teary eyed moments of "true love."



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