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Robocop the Man

Police officer Alex Murphy was always a good cop.
In Murphy's precint in Detroit Omni Consumer Products,
a multinational corporation runs the Police Department for the city. Police officer dissatisfaction grows in response to the new free enterprise efficiency that OCP strives for. There is even much talk of a Police officer strike. But Alex Murphy continues to do his duty even if his fellow cops are not as enthusiastic about their duty to serve and to protect.

Murphy trys to live up to the image of the his son's hero TJ Laser. He even masters the gun twirl that this hero his son admires from the television show is famous for. His sense of duty allows him to never abandon his ideals of justice even when faced when dying. When surrounded and asked by master criminal mastermind Clarence Bodicker what he thnks of him his response is poetic as well as defiant. He says "budy I think you're slime." Clarence Boddicker then executes Murphy wth one shot to the head but this only after his boys fire mercilessly at the helpless police officer. Alex Murphy is rushed to the hospital and is pronounced dead shortly thereafter. From his death Robocop was to emerge.

image courtesy Orion Pictures Corp,
a division of MGM


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