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Robocop 2 Characters

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RoboCop/Officer Alex J. Murphy played by Peter Weller

Robocop is as tough as ever in this sequel. He fights a drug cartel, is undermined by his bosses at OCP, and rescues the city from OCP's latest monstrosity, Robocop 2. In the film he is cut into pieces and reprogrammed with so many objectives that he can barely function. Robocop is still Robocop and the character shines in this film.

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Officer Anne Lewis played by Nancy Allen

This is Robocop's partner from the first movie that returns to reprise her role. She is as tough as in the first movie and has a few adventures of her own. She shoots one crook in the head while Robocop is acting up dealing with all his new objectives. Lewis also is nearly strangled to death by child crook Hob.

Hob played by Gabriel Damon

This is without a doubt one of the most notorious kid criminals from the history of film. Hob swears, hides behind his age to attack with impunity, and ultimately is the mastermind of the Nuke cartel after Cain is taken out of the picture.

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