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Gabriel Damon

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Things His Character did in Robocop 2

Tried to strangle Officer Anne Lewis to death.

Shot at Robocop with a machine gun while mocking Robocop for not being able to shoot a kid.

Observed Robocop being cut up and demanded to see the brain.

Takes control of worldwide Nuke drug operations after Cain is out of the picture.

Tried to bail out the city to avoid foreclosure by OCP in exchange for consideration for his business.

Hob played by Gabriel Damon

This is without a doubt one of the most notorious kid criminals from the history of film. Hob swears, hides behind his age to attack with impunity, and ultimately is the mastermind of the Nuke cartel after Cain is taken out of the picture.

Memorable Quotes

They say he's got a brain. I wanna see it.

You look a little out of breath, bitch!

Hey, I’m a minor. Don’t wanna break any laws.

You know, if i hear that again, it’s no more nuke for you, bitch

Guess you’re in some pretty deep shit

Can't shoot a kid can ya, fucker?

Don't be a queer. Fifty million.

Actor Gabriel Damon Bio

Born April 23, 1976 in Reno, Nevada as Gabriel Damon Ladaei . Famous as a child actor for his role in Newsies and Robocop 2.

Nickname: Gabe

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