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Robocop 3 Characters

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Robocop played by Robert John Burke

No matter how bad the film is, Robocop is still Robocop. His gun is cool, his visor is cool and his walk is uncanny. Rocket packs and weapon attachments were used in this movie to try to spruce up this timeless classic character. In the film Robocop fights against the police, mercenaries, and his bosses at OCP that plan to force people from their homes so that a new Delta City can be built. His final show down in the film is with a silly Ninja Robot.

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Officer Anne Lewis played by Nancy Allen

A very important character from the first two Robocop films. Her basic purpose in this film is to die. Her death is wasted on this film though.

The Ninja Robot

This is Robocop's chief opponent. Crafted largely to try to woe in a kid crowd with martial arts fan fare it appears. He has a sword and appears a very cheap Terminator style rip off with no redeeming uniqueness at all.


While this famous villain from the first Robocop movie has but a minor role in Robocop 3 it is still worth remembering.

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