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Robocop's Gun

Robocop's gun from its firing sound to it's apperance really does symbolize the power and prestige of a finely tuned weapon in the hands of a finely tuned machine.

In essence the weapon used is a modifed Beretta m93R. This can be affixed with an optional shoulder stock and can fire 3 round bursts. Of course the gun in reality when fired sounds nothing like the sound which echoes through the movie. Such is the magic of post production sound editing.

The weapon has a far larger magazine capacity than most pistols. The trigger area is larger this made the gun ideal for the movie since Robocop had such thick gloved hands.

The forward grip/stabalizer can fold up under the barrel and can even be holstered in that fashion. In addition to the firing guns Robocop uses a variety of stunt ones were made as well of resin.

Pictures at the right show 2 versions of an unmodified M93R followed by a version of this firing weapon someone has actually modified to become the "Robocop weapon"

Replicas of the Robocop gun include resin casts, airsoft plastic bb guns from Japan as well as a more exotic type made by Richard Coyle which lights up at the tip when the trigger is depressed.

Replica Robocop guns are relatively hard to find. The best place to find the Robocop guns is ebay which often has them up for sale. To find versions of the gun such as depicted on this page enter the keywords Robocop gun or M93r in the ebay search box below. To bid at ebay you have to be a registered member, if you haven't registered before its easy as you only have to fill out an online form after you have found something that interests you

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Beretta 93R

image courtesy
as submitted by Charlie Stokes

Beretta M93R-AG

image courtesy
as submitted by Marcus Palmehorn.

Beretta M93R-AG Modified

image courtesy
as submitted by Marcus Palmehorn.


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