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Robocop the Machine

Robocop was not just made, he was born. Police Officers in Detroit sign a waiver when they join the force which gives their employer, OCP a great deal of control over their lives and bodies in life and in death. The minute Alex Murphy was pronouned dead, OCP technicians from the Security Concepts division spring into action.Their plan is to merge man and machine and to make the perfect cop; the 24 hour a day cop. Robocop was then born.

Perched in a chair he sits. The grid like tageting system that is his vision is adjusted simply as he follows a pen being moved. His audio recording and playback capabilities are tested until perfect. Robocop serves as a machine that can document any situation he encounters with perfect recall that would be unquestioned in any
court of law.

Robocop exists as a machine with but 3 basic prime directives. These are:

1 Serve the Public Trust
2 Protect the Innocent
3 Uphold the law

Robocop also has a 4th secret prime directive even he is unaware of in the beginning. Robocop shoots with accuracy, and when evildoers won't come quietly "there will be trouble."

image courtesy Orion Pictures Corp a division of MGM


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