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Robocop Review

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This is the movie that started the Robocop franchise. Two sequels followed, one live action tv series, two animated tv series, along with countless video games, and comic books put out by numerous companies. The premise is simple enough; a dead heroic human cop is saved, mixed with robotic technology, and reborn as Robocop the ultimate man/machine combination. The film's hero Peter Weller plays Alex Murphy; a cop that tries his best to be the best to everyone. He learns how to twirl his gun like TJ Laser a show about a super cop to impress his son. He fights the bad guys and he tries to be a super dad. In essence Murphy is a living super hero whose only power is his sense of duty and perserverance.

The film's villain is Clarence Bodicker. He leads a band of criminals and commits crimes of all sorts but one of his mottos is "the best way to steal is free enterprise." This slogan pretty much sums up the movie as Omni Consumer Products also steals in various ways through free enterprise via running the police forces of Detroit city and scheming to manipulate the economy in various ways. When Clarence steals money Murphy has to go after him. Firing from his car while getting blasted out by the bad guys he perserves. In one scene the bad guys even toss one of their own people out to slow down Murphy. Bodicker proclaims "Can you fly Bobby" and off bobby goes onto Murphy's cop car and the street below.

With backup slow to arrive Murphy and his partner Lewis attempt to capture the bad guys who are hold up at a warehouse. Murphy is captured and one of the greatest gun shot slaughters of a single person in the history of film transpires. Shotguns, pistols, and everything else are let loose on him. Howling in pain the bad guys shoot till they have no more ammo. Bad Guy Boddicker finishes the job with a single gunshot to Murphys head.

When Murphy dies his bosses at Omni Consumer Products the company that runs the police forces of Detroit city decides to enroll him in the Robocop project. They save his brain and internal organs enough to keep his organic parts alive and transplant the rest with robotics. When brought to the shooting range other cops proclaim "Its Super Cop" With a big gun and perfect aim Robocop is flawless at the range.

Word of Robocop spreads throughout the street very quickly as he arrives on the scene. Robocop stops crime dead in its tracks. He stops a convenience store robbery by bending the barrel of the robbers gun, thwarts a hostage situation by busting through a wall, and stops a man holding a woman at knife point by aiming low and hitting him in the crotch. Robocop does well and his bosses at OCP are pleased. But Robocop starts to go beyond the confines of his programming. He ultimately gains back memories of his son, his family, and those who killed him in the past. He plans on his own to hunt down Boddicker and his group and bring them in or kill them.

Robocop does have a great story filled with company politics, views on consumerism, and other social commentary but in the end Robocop is a movie about action and fun. Robocop is a film of many villains not just the super criminal Clarence Bodicker. Other villains include a super robotic "urban pacification unit" the Ed-209, people within OCP, and even other members of Clarence Bodicker's crime group itself. Every minor character in the film has a unique identity. The "Old Man" runs the company, the former mayor holds people hostage to try to get his job back, and female officier Lewis is the sidekick. The film is filled with phrases you just can't forget. If you have seen the original unedited version the first time you see it on TV you won't forget how much they use the phrase "Airhead." Robocop's prime directives, serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law in a way are an updated version of the old superman ideals of truth justice and the American way. Robocop does borrow some ideas from other movies such as the Terminator saga. But the film's execution and grounded focus on how the real world is or could be makes it unique.

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