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Robocop 2 plot summary

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Many people think Robocop 2 was not as good as the original. I think it was even better though. The film opens with the police force of Detroit city about to strike, a powerful addictive drug Nuke spreading everywhere, while Omni Consumer Products is about to foreclose on the city for not paying back a loan. Drugs, police strikes, and a company about to take over a city is quite a backdrop for a story. Intermix gunfights, dark humor, and action and one has a winning formula for a film. And to top it off OCP is trying to make a replacement Robocop whom they can replace all the human cops with to save money.

The film's main villain in the begining is Cain the leader of a worldwide crime group that manufacturers the drug Nuke. Within his group are a cocky ruthless boy, and a girlfriend of sorts . The city is in such desperate need of funds to pay back a loan to mega corporation OCP that they hold telethons whose aim is to get donations. The mayor himself hosts some of them.

In the film Robocop battles Cain and his many troops. He attacks one of the factories they make nuke at with a variety of truly memorable one of a kind shots. Dozens of men firing machine guns at Robocop is no problem, he just picks them off one by one with his supergun. Cain fights back with an electromagnetic weapon and a surgeon from hell that dismembers Robocop piece by piece to be delivered in front of a group of striking cops.

When the pieces of Robocop are brought in a female engineer tries to sabatoge Robocop's programming and repairs to further her new Robocop 2 project. Some of her previous work in this area lead to a cyborg that removed his head and one that shot itself in the head. She fills Robocop with a series of objectives so long and so silly that Robocop is a joke in his efforts to do his job. Robocop is put out on the street as a walking Mister Roger who hestiates to shoot, promotes "civic lesssons" and reads Mirando rights to a corpse all the while interjecting humor to "brighten the mood." In his new reprogrammed state Robocop can not respond well to kid criminals that are stealing out in the open but draws and fires his gun when he sees a man light a cigarette up. Robocop ultimately has a showdown with Cain in which he rides a motorcyle and leaps forward up into the truck that Cain is driving and racing towards him.

Criminal Mastermind Cain survives the battle but is in critical condition. OCP ultimately decides to have his brain transplanted into a machine monstrosity which is Robocop 2 the future of law enforcement according to OCP. Cain is kept in line via his dependence on the drug Nuke which OCP gives to him in exchange for doing what he is told. With Cain no longer running the Nuke drug operations a young boy takes over the operations. When the city is about to be foreclosed on by OCP he offers to bail them out. The mayor comes down in person to discuss the arrangements. His assistant states "these people are criminals" the mayor responds with "I hate labelers." The mayor is one of the cooler characters in the film along with the boy criminal. As the boy shows the mayor the money he will give them he lectures the mayor on the economics of drugs. The boy states that Nuke operations employ lots of people, and the drug will be safer and cheaper if the cops get off their backs. The metal monstrosity that is Robocop 2 that houses the brain of Cain then enters the scene and tries to kill everyone. The mayor escapes to deliver his infamous line in front of OCP, "That thing is a killer" as he points to Robocop 2 that OCP is praising as their greatest triumph. The film ends with a metal on metal showdown between Robocop and Robocop 2 naturally.

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