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.Robocop 3 plot summary

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Easily the worst movie of the Robocop trilogy and a really bad movie overall. In the film Omni Consumer Products or "OCP"; the money driven company from the first two movies finally has a means by which they can construct their "New Delta City" on the remains of old rotted Detroit. They hire a group of mercenary soldiers known as the "Rehabilitators." Along with police forces owned and operated by OCP they force citizens from their homes at gunpoint to clear the way for OCP's grand vision of High Rises and a new beautiful Delta City.

Robocop doesen't side with his police officers or OCP the company that made him but instead fights with the resistance group of citizens that are against OCP's terror forces that aim to force people from their homes through any means necessary. Robocop employs a silly jetpack in one scene and flys over the city reigning firepower down on his attackers. His partner Lewis is killed for no apparent reason than to provide some dramatic spectacle that amounts to nothing in the end. The film features a new actor playing Robocop, a new head of OCP, and pretty forgettable ninja robot as the main villain.

The film's finale involves Robocop fighting against a Japanese Ninja robot who uses a sword and hand to hand combat. With a PG-13 rating, a financially troubled film studio Orion making it, and a cast of lesser actors in the mix this film dissapoints as would be expected.

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