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Robocop Characters

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Robocop/Alex Murphy played by Peter Weller

Peter Weller is the perfect cop. When killed he continues his duty and sense of justice as Robocop. His aim is perfect, his body is nearly bullet proof, and his short command like phrases make him a classic superhero.

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Officer Anne Lewis played by Nancy Allen

Lewis is Alex Murphy's partner. She proves herself from the beginning by taking down a criminal who is being rowdy while the other cops are having trouble with him. When Murphy is killed she recognizes that it is Murphy who is the man of Robocop.

Clarence Boddicker played by Kurtwood Smith

Clarence is a self proclaimed bad guy. As he puts it "Cops don't like me so I don't like cops." Clarence believes free enterprise is the best way to steal and steals money to buy drugs to sell to make even more money. Clarence is ruthless and tosses one of his own men out onto the street to slow down Murphy who is following them.

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