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Robocop Characters

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Bob Morton played by Miguel Ferrer

This is an up and coming executive with OCP. He badmouths fellow executive Dick Jones before another coworker while Dick Jones is in the stall. He comes out and is pissed. Morton hopes his Robocop project will surpass the importance of Dick Jones ED-209 project. Dick Jones ultimately has master criminal Clarence Boddicker kill Bob Morton because of the troubles he is causing.

Emil Antonowsky played by Paul McCrane

This is the biker guy of the film and one of Clarence Boddicker's henchmen. He helps to kill Alex Murphy and later recognizes the man in Robocop and proclaims "We Killed You." Emil robs a gas station and nicknames the clerk "College Boy" and asks if he thinks he can outsmart a bullet. Emil dies in a mutated form begging for help as a result of toxic waste spillage.

Sergeant Warren Reed played by Robert DoQui

*Photo from Robocop 2

This is the Sergeant that runs a precint in Detroit as best he can considering he is paid by a corporate entity OCP. His duties include cleaning out the lockers of officers slain in the field and informing officers of funeral dates. He is a hard nose cop and refers to crooks as scumbags.

Kinney played by Kevin Page

This is the guy that is used to help demonstrate the new ED-209 robotic unit developed by OCP. Kinney is instructed to pick up a weapon and point it at ED-209 to showcase the machines abilities. When he does this the machine springs to life and tells him to put down his weapon. After putting the gun down ED-209 continues a count down while technicians try to shut it down. Kinney is shot to death in a truly gruesome scene.

Convenince Store Robber AKA "Why Me Guy"

This is a crook that tries to rob a mom and pop store. When Robocop arrives on the scene he opens fire on Robocop. Robocop bends the barrel of his gun and puts an end to the problem. In edited versions of Robocop shown on TV in the US this jokers swear words are replaced with the phrase "WHY ME."

T J Lazer

This is the hero of Alex Murphy's son. He twirls his gun and Alex Murphy learns how to do this to impress his son as well.

The Old Man played by Daniel O'Herlihy

The head of OCP is known simply as the old man throughout the film. He schemes to find inventive ways to make money. His company operates police forces and other traditionally nonprofit operations for profit. At the film's end the Old Man elbows Dick Jones who has him at gun point and yells "You're fired" and then Robocop opens fire and out the window he goes.

The College Boy Gas Station Attendant played by Spencer Prokop

This guy has the misfortune of being on duty when biker criminal Emil is in the area. Emil asks what he is reading and proceeds to rob the place and take some gas for his bike.


In Robocop Newsreporters are used to deliver humor and news about the growing fame of Robocop. They are also used to transition into some funny parody style commercials.

Jimmy Murphy played by Jason Levine

This is Alex Murphy's son. His favorite show is T J Lazer and he asks with enthusiasm if his dad can twirl his gun like T J Laser can. His dad practices and ultimately can do the gun twirl trick.

Dick Jones played by Ronny Cox

Dick Jones is the mastermind behind the ED-209 project at OCP. He is not thrilled with Bob Morton's success with the Robocop project. He ultimately has Morton killed. When Robocop starts to cause trouble for Dick Jones he plans to kill off Robocop too. Clarence is giving access to "military hardware" and attemps to kill of Robocop but fails. The ED-209 fails to kill off Robocop too. A final showdown between Dick Jones and Robocop occurs at the end of the film.


This is Dick Jones pet project within OCP. He plans to sell it as a military weapon and as an "urban pacification system." Money is money and "who cares if it works" is Dick Jones motto. ED-209 guns down an OCP executive at the start of the film during its unveiling and is later used by OCP to try to kill Robocop. It is big yet well armored and slow. Steps are a big limitation for this machine. With two giant machine guns mounted as arms it packs a lot of firepower.

Miller played by Mark Carlton

This is the former mayor of Detroit City. He wants his job back and has taken hostages to try to negotiate his job back even. He doesen't find the humor of his cop negotiator Lieutenant Hedgecock very amusing. Robocop rams through a wall to pull Miller out of the room with the hostages before he can kill any more.

Rape Victim Donna Keegan

This is the woman that is nearly raped in the film. Two guys corner her in an ally then Robocop shows up. One of them holds her hostage at knife point. Robocop aims lows and shoots through the woman's dress into the guys crotch. The other attacker gives up after that. Robocop is then thanked by the woman. He then informs the woman that she has been through an emotional ordeal and needs a rape counselor to talk with.

Joe Cox AKA the Zip up guy played by
Jesse D. Goins

This is one of Clarence's henchmen. When Lewis tries to arrest Joe he is finishing a leak. Joe asks if she minds if he zips up. When she looks down he smacks the gun from her hand. He proclaims to Alex Murphy that Lewis "Was Sweet."

Leon Nash (right) played by Ray Wise

Steve Minh (left) played by Calvin Jung

These are a pair of Clarence's goons. In th photo they are enjoying blasting cop Alex Murphy into oblivion. They shoot till they run out of ammo.

Donald Johnson played by Felton Perry - this is the black executive that works for OCP and is in many ways a brown noser lackey for the Old Man,

Bobby played by Freddie Hice - this is a member of Boddicker's crew who dies when Boddicker throws him out of a vehicle and onto a cop car that was chasing Clarence Boddicker and his gang. Clarence proclaims "Can you fly Bobby" as he tosses him out.

Ellen Murphy played by Angie Bolling - this is Alex Murphy's wife she believes her husband died and does not know who Robocop is.

Bixby Snyder AKA I"ll Buy that for a Dollar Guy played by S.D. Nemeth - this is the guy that hosts a popular show shown in segments during the movie. Emil particularly likes watching the show as the guy often shows women or something nice and ends with his catch phrase "I'll buy that for a dollar."

Lieutenant Hedgecock played by Michael Gregory - this is the police negotiator sent in to try to talk former Mayor Miller into surrendering and letting the hostages he is keeping go free. Miller wants his old job back and a nice sports car. The Lietenant tries to interject some humor into his response to this request but it doesen't go over very well.

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