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A.C. Slater

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Name: A.C. Slater (Albert Clifford Slater)

Likes: Wrestling, Jessie Spano, competing with Zack for girls

Dislikes: losing bets with Zack Morris

Dreams: to impress his dad a career army man

Achievements: a good cook, wins a wrestling scholarship, helps
to save the Max a favorite hang out during a charity marathon

A.C. is but a nickname that Albert Clifford Slater uses, in fact he is known as A.C. Slater to everyong exclusively except for his dad who still knows him as Albert. A.C. enjoys the joys of competition in wrestling, basketball and in other sports. A.C. beats his wrestling rival who taunts him after he takes up cooking and gives up wrestling. After Screech wrestles in his place, A.C. returns to showcase his skills as a wrestler. A.C. also helps a female wrestler at Bayside which makes Jessie greatly jealous.

A.C.'s dad has instilled in his son a constant desire to be in the army and continue the tradition his father begun. A.C. does not like this idea and has difficulty telling his father of his desire to use a wrestling scholarship rather than enter the army. Zack helps Slater to tell his dad about his belief and talks his dad into watching A.C.'s championship wrestling match.

Growing up A.C. states that he moved around a lot and had few friends because of this. He considers Bayside his home, and the Max the hangout of choice. He proves inspriational in saving the Max during a phone telethon to raise money after everyone has fallen asleep.

A.C. constantly walks a fine line as he choses his conduct and words in front of his opinionated, feminist girlfriend Jessie Spano. A.C. constnatly bets with Zack and helps watch as Zack's schemes either succed or fail.

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