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Themes - Couples

Zack's Girlfriends the Settings The Couples, Slater/Kelly, etc
In many ways Saved by the Bell is a show of couples or the pursuit of pairing off. Zack pursues Kelly, Screech pursues Lisa, and Slater and Jessie pursue each other. Of course within the time of all true couples there comes a time of others who interceed and draw attention away from the ideal couple. Zack while always desiring Kelly down deep, wrestles with how to handle all the other girls he sees and is curious about. Slater largely stays with his Mama, Jessie, but even he finds the interest of a Princess from Lictenberg to be very appealing. Screech at one point had another girlfriend entirely, Violet.
Zack and Kelly
The Ultimate Couple
The Gang all Paired Off Lisa and Screech
The Couple That
Never Could Be

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