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Grade 11 Episode Guide

The Last Dance

Kelly gets a job at the Max and soon finds herself deeply attracted to her boss Jeff. In one scene Kelly tells Jeff that she wants a diet lips instead of a diet coke to drink. Zack and Kelly breakup at a costume ball and Jeff lives on as the victor to cliam the cute Kelly. Zack organizes a band with his friends and it sings a few songs.

The Aftermath

Lisa prepares to have a sweet 16 birthday party and invites everyone. Zack it seems will not go because Kelly also is going and he is upset with Kelly over their recent breakup. Zack finally comes to his senses and attends the party.

Operation Zack

Mr Belding accidentally injues Zack's leg by tripping him and surgery is necessary. Zack goes to the hospital where Lisa is volunteering to help her mother out. Lisa's mom is largely going to be responsible for the surgery. At first Zack thinks nothing of the surgery but then he has a dream that his life ends so he considers escaping the hospital. Ultimately Zack's surgery is a success however.

Check Your Mate

A Russian foreign exchange student from Valley comes to Bayside and he is a master chess player. Screech is good at chess as well. Zack and Slater bet with rivals from Valley High School that Screech will beat the Russian in an upcoming chess game. Things appear to be going well until Screech loses his lucky beret which was given to him by his girlfriend Violet. A girl from Valley posing as someone from Chessboy magazine steals the beret. Zack buys an identical beret and presents it to Screech but Screech knows the difference and this doesen't help. Zack then plans to assure that Screech wins the match by kidnapping the Russian and leaving him tied up in his underwear in the Janitor's closet. Zack plays the match in a whig and with fake eyebrows, he loses by playing chess as if it is checkers and then declaring Screech is too good. Slater comments on the match from above at first saying "kick the russian's butt" but then correcting himself to using "kick the Russians Heini" after Jessie comments about improving Russian relations with America. Mr Belding discovers Zack's scheme and at first disqualifies both teams from the tournament. Ultimately the bet is cancelled on the match and then Screech and the Russian play just for themselves.

Fake ID's

Zack still is getting over his breakup with Kelly and decides to try dating someone older to help in this quest. He dates a college girl and gets talked into going to a party for adults. The gang creates fake ID's to get in. Screech's ID states he is way older than he really looks, but he is let in anyway along with Zack, and Slater.

Pipe Dreams

A biology project focusing on a pond near Bayside results in oil being found. An oil company moves in to sign a contract to drill for the oil. Zack and the gang decide that such drilling would ruin Bayside and hurt the wildlife in the area so they speak out against the plan.

Wicked Stepbrother Part 1 and 2

Jessie's mother remarries and Jessie now has a step brother, Eric that has come to town to visit. Eric proves a master of the art of blackmail, his skills even impress Zack. On TV Eric sees Zack in the stands during a baseball game, during a time he should be in school. Eric uses this informaiton to blackmail Zack into helping him to get a date. Zack and Slater are put in charge of Mr Belding's car as he wants a new CD player installed. They wreck the car and Eric uses this to blackmail the gang. Ultimately Eric helps fix the car which proves a great surprise as Zack and Slater march Mr Belding to his car which he demands and which they believe is still in pieces.

Date Auction

To raise money for new cheerleading outfits, a date auction is held. Zack, Screech, and Slater are all up for bid.Zack passes a rumor that Slater beat up Screech which is believeable due to Screech's black eye. No one bids on Slater and he flexes on stage in disgrace. Zack has quite a few bidders, a larger girl ultimately wins him, and the episode shows the date. As usual Jessie finds the whole date auction thing repugnant and yet another "meat market." Lisa finds someone new she really wants to impress. Lisa starts to pretend being smart to impress him and reads quite a bit. In the end Lisa has to be true to herself and abandons her quest to be a brain to win a brain.

All in the Mall

Zack finds a lot of money at the mall; $5000 in fact. He plans to use the money to buy tickets to a U2 concert which he can scalp to make even more money. The lines for the tickets proved longer than anyone had in mind. The money is returned to someone at the mall after much thought.


Zack scores 1502 on the SAT's which amazes everyone including Zack who never studies for anything in school. Jessie discovers Zack's high score and is devestated since she only got 1200 on the SAT. At Bayside colleges have representatives to take applications. Jessie tries to apply to Stansbury but her low scores will keep her out even though she has was student body president. Zack hires actor James to pretend to be a representative from Harvard University and uses James to make Stanford's representative reconsider Jessie for their school. Zack also uses the actor to convince Mr Belding that Zack has too much schoolwork which hinders the intellectual development of someone as intelligent as Zack. Zack gets easy classes and less work as a result of this at least for a while.

Palm Spring Weekend Part 1 and 2

Jessie's dad has meets a younger woman he wishes to marry, Leslie. Jessie meets Leslie in the gym and discovers she is an aeorobics teacher and is going to marry her father. She is horrified by the age difference between Leslie and her dad and gives Leslie hell from then on. Slater pumps iron at the gym and meets a princess of (Lichtenberg?), although he does not know it at first. When he finds out he feels uncomfortable. Slater prepares to meet her parents and makes a fool of himself by exagerrating his dad's rank in the army as well as his background. But the princess did not care and tells Slater she likes him for who he truly is. The gang travels to Palm Springs to witness the marriage between Jessie's father and Leslie, Jessie plans to boycott the wedding in protest. Zack and the gang feel she will regret this forever if she does this so Zack arranges to have the gang stall the preacher by leading him around everywhere but the location of the marriage. Meanwhile Zack looks for Jessie and finally convinces her to attend the wedding. Zack races back with Jessie in a golf cart and makes it to the wedding. Whiile all of this is occuring Kelly and Zack decide to stay broken up.

Hold Me Tight

A new girl, Krystee wants to join the wrestling team. At first she is not allowed to join but then Jessie, organizes a protest and the wrestling team coach shows that he is sensitive and "watches Oprah" and lets her try out. She pins her opponent and joins the team. She starts to spend a lot of time training with Slater. This makes Jessie very jealous. Slater teaches Krystee quite a few movies which she uses in a championship match later on. Her opponent proclaims "I can't believe I lost to a girl." Zack starts to date Krystee.

No Hope With Dope

A rock star famous for his just say no drug messages comes to Bayside to film an advertisement to discourge drug use and begins to take an interest in Kelly. The gang at first embraces the star until they are offered pot by him at a party.


Casey Kasem, famous music announcer hosts a fantasy world review of the rise and fall of Zack's band Zack Attack.

Cut Day

It's cut day at Bayside or the day when everyone is supposed to ditch school. Zack wants to ditch but will get in much trouble if caught because he already has many unexcused absenses. Zack still bets with Slater than he will get to the movie theator and enjoy the day. Kelly and Slater do various things all over town and have a good time. The way Zack moves off campus and back to avoid getting caught really makes the episode interesting. A student at school organizes a protest against styrofoam cups because of environmental concerns. Jessie spends her day with the protest.

Home for Christmas Part 1 and Part 2

Each of the gang get jobs during the Christmas season. Kelly works in a mens store, Moody's and befiends a coworker named Laura which Zack desires. Zack likes her a lot until he discovers that she is homeless and lives in a car along with her dad. Laura is accused of stealing a dress coat by her boss when in reality she has put it away to purchase later. He fires her. Kelly helps talk her boss into sponoring a play version of A Christmas Carol. The way Moody's brand is constantly referenced in the play is quite humorous. Laura and her father are invited to Zack's house for Christmas and her father is given a dress coat to help him with job interviews.

Mystery Weekend

The gang travels to a murder/mystery adventure camp held in a rather haunted looking house. The episode will remind one a lot of the movie Clue. The gang starts to think that the game is for real when people appear to dissapear. The gang discovers secret passages and finally discovers just who the pretend killer was in the game.

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