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Grade 12 Episode Guide

The Fight

Shana Furlo a transfer student new to bayside causes a fierce competion between Slater and Zack for her attentions. This episode reminds one of the first episode with Kelly in which Slater and Zack also are in fierece competion for her.

Student Teacher Week

This was the infamous episode in which Zack pretends to be principal for a week and Kelly pretends to be a history teacher for a week. At first Zack thinks he can use the position of principal to get his friends out of class whenever he wishes. Kelly however takes her job seriously and feels hurt when everyone sleeps in her class or ditches it. Slater prepares for an important game against rivial school Valley. Kelly makes things difficult by requiring athletes to pass her tests before they can play.

Screech's Spaghetti Sauce

Screech invents a new spaghetti sauce and Zack and the gang decide to market it on a local cable access show. This episode reminds me of the business plans the gang devised when selling buddy bands and friendship bracelets in a previous episode.

The Bayside Triangle

Lisa and Zack work together on a fashion show. Lisa and Zack become a bit closer than Screech would like, and Screech tries to renew his efforts at winning Lisa and keeping Zack away.

Wrestling with the Future

A.C. Slater finds it difficult to decide where he will go to school. His dad wants him to enter ROTC school so that he may be an army man just like his father. Slater would prefer to accept a wrestling scholarship. Zack helps explain how Slater feels about things. At first Slater's dad does not understand and refuses to see his son's championship match but then changes his mind and embraces his son's choice to pursue a wrestling scholarship. Jessie begins to worry about where she will get into college.

Love Machine

One of Slater's old girlfriend's named Jennifer arrives at Bayside which greatly worries Jessie. Jennifer remembers Slater from his days as an army brat son, she knows him as Albert, and not A.C. Inititially Slater embraces her and thinks he can just rekindle things as they once were. Ultimately he finds he can't as he has changed and so has Jennifer. Screech invents a "love machine" which Jessie uses as justification for her fears that she will lose A.C. to Jennifer which she doesen't.

Isn't it Romantic

This is a compilation episode of memorable scenes from previous Saved by the Bell shows with a focus on relationships.

The Teacher's Strike

Teachers are striking at Bayside, at first Zack and Slater do their best to encourage the strike. Zack eventually finds out that an academic championship trip awarded in a previous episode will be cancelled if the strike does not end.

The Senior Prom

Zack, Slater, and the rest of the Bayside gang raise money for the Senior Prom. Zack tries desperately to get Kelly as his date, and Screech has trouble getting any date at all.

The Time Capsule

A compilation episode of previous clips from the show in which Mr Belding shows a video of the gang of Bayside High School to students from the Bayside of the future.

Graduation Special

Jessie worries as to rather she will be class valedictorian (person with the highest grade point average). Zack discovers he is a single credit short for graduation and frantically works out a deal with Mr Belding so that he can graduate. Jessie the brain of course wins the valedictorian title and the gang prepares to breakup for future lives in college and elsewhere.

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