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Grade 9 Episode Guide

King of the Hill

This episode introduces both A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano and moves the series from Junior High to Bayside High School. Slater attempts to movie in on Kelly, but Zack fights back. The rivalry/partnership between Slater and Zack takes root in this episode.

Dancing to the Max

A dance contest is hosted by famed Casey Kasem and held at the Max. Zack and Slater both try to obtain Kelly as a dance partner but Slater wins the honor. Zack goes with Jessie. Lisa has someone all lined up for the dance as well, but when she sprains her ankle he backs out. Screech agrees to dance with her in the contest even still. Screech and Lisa win the contest with a new dance known as the "sprain."

The Lisa Card

Lisa gets herself into trouble by abusing her credit card privaleges. Zack and the gang forumulate a plan to
try to bail her out.

The Gift

Screech is struck by lightning in a freak accident. As a result, Screech can see into the future. Zack and Slater begin to bet on things in the future; Zack uses Screech's ability to see into the future to give him the edge in the bets. Screech tries to predict the questions to a school test but proves unsuccesful in this endeaver.

Fatal Distraction

Zack plants a listening device in a slumber party that Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie are at. They discover the bug and plan their revenge through a scheme of deception of their own.

Screech's Woman

Screech finds it difficult to obtain a girlfriend. Zack tries to help cheer him up by inventing a secret admirer. Ultimately Zack dresses up as a girl and meets Screech at the Max as a "pretend girlfriend." Jessie recognizes Zack however.

Aloha Slater

Slater has to decide rather or not he and his dad are going to move to Hawaii or stay in Bayside. It is interesting that Slater's dad lets him decide this but seems unconcerend with Slater's thoughts on his future later on (wrestling scholarship or the army.) Zack at first tries his best to convince Slater to move away, so that Zack can get rid of his best rival for babes. Zack changes his mind though and Slater stays in Bayside.

The Substitute

A new substitute comes to Bayside and he garners the attention of all the girls. The guys quickly become jealous and scheme to get rid of this substitute.

Cream for a Day

Kelly wins the Homecoming queen nomination but frets over a small zit that has appeared on her face. Screech develops a cream that makes zits dissapear like magic. The cream has one sideeffect that is discovered a bit too late; it turns skin purple. Kelly stands before the school to claim her award with a face as purple as the worker dwarves from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Slater works to end a losing streak the football team has had lately due to Valley High School.

Pinned to the Mat

Slater decides to give up wrestling after Career Day at school causes him to think of what his future may be if he is only good at wrestling. Slater takes up cooking in Home Economics class and proves himself a master chef. Zack makes a bet with students from neighboring Valley High School about who will win the wrestling championship. Valley's chief wrestler Ninick taunts Slater who remains strong and enjoys the support from Jessie to refrain from mindless violence. Screch ultimately agrees to wrestle in Slater's place which sparks Slater to realize wrestling is not so bad. He promptly wins his match and Zack wins his bet.

Beauty and the Screech

Kelly is doing poorly in Chemistry and unless she does well on an upcoming test she will be unable to go to a George Michael's concert which she has tickets for. Zack talks Screech into tuturing Kelly. Kelly goes to Screech's room and studies with him, and learns about Screech's robot Kevin and all of his unusual hobbies. Kelly does learn chemistry and bonds with Screech in a way that Zack did not have in mind.

The Friendship Business

A Teacher decides to teach about economics by allowing students to experience real world business via their own businesses. Zack and the gang form a group known as Friendship Bracelets and they sell bracelets to promote friendship. All is going well for the business until Zack becomes too bossy. Jessie and some others break away from Zack and form their own business buddy bands. Lisa who originally made the friendship bracelets for Zack quits and Screech leaves with her. . The dream sequences of Lisa being exhausted after making so many products for Zack is classic. Zack pretends to go out of business which causing his competition to overproduce because they believe they have no competition. Zack then spreads word that principal Belding wears buddyband products made by his competition which causes everyone to demand a refund. Ultimately the gang sits down at the Max and a new product love cuffs is born and Zack shares with his teacher that sometimes teamwork and friendship is better than just focusing on the bottomline. Other products that students made for the class include a pocket protector which the nerds thought everyong would want.

The Mamas and the Papas

As part of a class project the gang pretends to pair off and live a married lifestyle. Zack pretends to marry Kelly. Slater pretends to marry Jessie and Lisa pretends to pair off with Screech. Zack in the beginning thinks that this exercize will allow him to become even closer to Kelly. In the end he realizes just what a committment relationships and marriages really are. Screech and Lisa constantly get on each other's nerves during the relationship experience.

The Election

Jessie the perfect student aims to win the position of Student Body President for Bayside. At first no one really challenges her, but when Zack discovers winning includes a trip to Washington, DC he plans to participate himself but gives up despite his negative campagin tactics, which promise everything he can never deliver to the students of Bayside.

The Zack Tapes

In one of Zack's classes his teacher prepares a lesson about subliminal advertising. Zack decides to try to use subliminal messages on a tape to convince Kelly to go to a dance with him. Kelly discovers the plan and plots with her friends to play a prank on Zack. Everyone pretends that Zack's subliminal message has caused them to fall in love with him. Even Slater proclaims "Oh Preppie" in a way that Zack never intended.

Save the Tiger

Rivalry between Valley High and Bayside High reaches a boiling point when Bayside's mascot, Screech is kidnapped by Valley. Slater and Zack scheme to get Screech back before a big cheerleading event occurs.

Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind

A student movie is made at bayside about an alien which Screech dresses up as. Zack decides that a lot of money can be made if a reporter from a local tabloid, the babbler buys a story from them about the alien. Things appear to be working until someone shows up from the goverment who is curious about the alien, and the gang has to come clean.

The Babysitters

Kelly breaks her arm while Zack watches Kelly's little brother. Its funny how Kelly has a sister and a brother, that are seen in a grand total of one episode each. But thats part of Saved by the Bell's legacy.

Screech's Birthday

Screech is given the position of hall room monitor at school. He writes everyone up for everything, it seems power corrupts everyone even Screech. Screech's friends forget about his birthday and try to plan a surprise one for him in Belding's office. After much disception and calculation by Zack the plan succeeds and Screech's birthday is celebrated at last.

Slater's Friend

Slater has to go away for a while and leaves his favorite pet, Arty, a chameleon to be taken care of by Screech. Screech in turn has Zack look after it. The pet dies and the gang keeps the news from Slater as best they can.

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