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Hawaiian Movie

The Bayside gang (Zack, Screech, Jessie, Lisa, Slater, and Kelly) decide to go on a vaction to Hawaii to relax. Incidentally Mr Belding is also going on a trip to the same location as the gang as part of a tour with a group of principals. Zack meets a beautiful Hawian native Andrea and pursues her to the fullest of his abilities. Even the fact that she has a son it seems does not deter Zack. Kelly falls for someone on the island as well. Kelly's grandfather owns one of the hotels on the island and is considering selling it to a developer. At first everyone thinks this is a great idea until some of the developers deceitful methods are discovered. The developer used a guy to convince Kelly to talk her dad into selling. This is found out only after the documents to sell have been signed.

A tribe of Native Hawaiians find Screech unique, and kidnap him and offer him the chance to be chief of their tribe. Zack has a fake deed to the hotel Kelly's grandfather owns made up in the hopes that it can be used to cause the developers to back out of the deal to buy the hotel. Zack has the deed made up so it appears the tribe that Screech "leads" is the owner.

The developer backs out and the gang ultimately packs up and prepares to return to home. Zack says his goodbyes to Andrea the native that he would have stayed for if she wished. Kelly dumps the guy that she was with. And during the whole adventure, Lisa made a small bet of $50 with Jessie and Slater that they couldn't go without fighting for the two weeks of the trip. She collects her prize from each of them.

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