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Kelly Kapowski

* Also see posters and photos of Tiffani Amber Thiessen the actress that played Kelly Kapowski

*Also See Links to Tiffani Amber Thieseen sites

Name: Kelly Kapowski

Achievements: Head Chearleader Bayside High School, wins modeling contract in France

Desires: Zack Morris (until she meets Jeff or someone else), talking on the phone, and shopping with the girls

Kelly is the proverbial popular girl. She is head chearleader, has the physical features of a model, and the desires of all the men around her. She represents the traits of beauty, fashion, peer pressure, and the ideals of the "air head as well." In the 80's Kelly was the picture many had in their minds when the term air head is brought up. While she is not blonde, her demeaner and the groups she associates make her the realization of the ideal "air head." Kelly is the popular girl all guys love to want, and all girls love to hate.

Kelly on one occasion watches as Slater and Zack compete for her. She can't decide who to take to a dance it seems. Kelly falls for the newest pretty face at her job, Jeff. She gives away her interest by requesting a diet lips to drink.

Kelly is athletic enjoying volleyball, and her position as head chearleader. Kelly is the embodyment of school spirit for Bayside. For someone whose world revolves around High School such seems quite logical.

* Also see posters and photos of Tiffani Amber Thiessen the actress that played Kelly Kapowski

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