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Lisa Turtle

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A constant shopper, shopping makes her world go round

Dislikes: Zits, and Screech. Screech she can't stand. She once agrees to go out on a date with him, but then Screech decides she talks too much and doesen't wish to date her again very soon

Achievements; Heading the Fashion Club, Running the Prom Committee, volunteering to help sick people in her Mother's hospital

Lisa takes up after her mom in many ways. Lisa does volunteer to help sick people at the hospital her mom is a doctor at. Lisa is the gossip queen, and even runs a gossip show on Bayside's school radio station. Lisa also works as a phone teen counseler for troubled teens on the school's teenline.

Lisa enjoys fashion, and often heads the prom committee. She once maxes out her credit cards a bit too much while on a shopping spree that went to far. Lisa constantly fights off Screech's advances, but ultimately gives in and allows Screech one date with her. Screech grows tired of her constant talking during a movie and dumps her. Lisa it seems can not stand being dumped by anyone even Screech.

Lisa provides a sense of diversity to Saved by the Bell that few preppy shows that have followed have. She is the ultimate black princess which prevents the show from falling into the realm of just another white preppy show as Beverly Hills 90210 is.

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