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Malibu Sands Episode Guide

Zack's Birthday Party

It's Summer time and the gang enjoys time away from Bayside High. Lisa manages to get everyone a job at the Malibu Sands Beach Club. Everyone will enjoy sun, surf, and pursuing dates. The only catch is the Club's owner Mr Carosi who seems set to work the gang as hard as he can, most notably Zack Morris. Mr Carosi, has a daughter, Stacey (wife in the King of Queens TV show) that largely runs things as the club. While everyone is getting accustomed to the new environment, a surprise birthday party is planned for Zack.

The Game

A big Volley Game match is planned between the gang's Malibu Sands Beach Club and rival Club North Beach. This reminds one of the rivalry between Bayside and Valley back home. To encourage his troops to win, Mr Carosi promises to give Zack a super deal on his car if his club wins the competition.

Fourth of July

A beauty pageant is held at Malibu Sands. Contestants include Lisa, Jessie, Kelly, and Stacey. Zack is a judge for the pageant. Carosi is seems plays all the tricks in order to ensure Stacey wins as he pressures Zack to vote for Stacey. Zack wrestles with the issue of deciding between Kelly and Stacey for the pageant at first. Ultimately he decides to let Kelly win.

My Boyfriend's Back

One of Stacey's old boyfriend's comes to see her. This creates troubles for Zack and Stacey's relationship. Stacey's old boyfriend befriends, Stacey's father, and offers to give her his class ring as a sign of his affection. An upcoming ATV race to be held at the Malibu Sands Resort motivates Jessie to particpate just so she can prove that a girl can race an ATV as well as any guy can.

Boss Lady

Stacey makes things hard for the gang as she takes charge of things at Malibu Sands. The cooking staff quits because they are tired of being yelled at, and Slater and the gang finds that they have to take care of preparations for two parties planned. One is a Sweet 16 Party the other is a 50th Aniversary party. The real problem is that both parties are scheduled for the exact same time. Zack and the gang frantically hurry to move to take care of both parties via creative solutions.

The Last Weekend

Everyone prepares to say goodbye as Summer has ended and the gang must return to Bayside. Zack says goodbye to Stacey forever.

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