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Miss Bliss Episode Guide

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Summer Love

School life begins for Zack, and his friends at JFK Jr High. Zack notices a new girl Carla and she has all of Zack's attention. Carla assumes Zack is older than he really is, Zack lies about his grade as he meets her between classes. The rest of the Miss Bliss class is introduced, Lisa, the fashion queen, Screech the brain, Nikki, and Mikey.

Love Letters

Miss Bliss tries to keep discipline in her classroom and is irritated when she sees a note being passed to Lisa from Screech. Miss Bliss takes the note and reads it, Zack ultimately wrote the note, and everyone in class finds the whole matter intriguing.

Wall Street

Zack breaks a video camera owned by his dad. He plans to buy another one by taking class money and betting on a hot stock. Zack ends up losing money which Miss Bliss ultimately has to reimburse.

Leaping to Conclusions

Nikki takes a strong pro animal life stance by refusing to disect a frog. Zack tries to talk her into doing it for school. But Nikki seems to be determined to not disect a poor frog.

Parents and Teachers

Miss Bliss starts to date Zack's father. Zack contemplates the ramifications of Miss Bliss being his father's girlfriend or maybe even his own stepmother one day.

The Showdown

A bully gives Screech hell and everyone encourages Screech to stand up for himself.

Save the Last Dance for Me

A girl causes Zack and Mikey to come to blows after an upcoming dance creates a fierce rivalry for her attention.

The Boy Who Cried Rat

Miss Bliss is a contender for the coveted teacher of the year award. People come down to observe her in class. Zack lets a rat loose in class as part of a scheme to get out of a test.

Lets Get Together

Miss Bliss ends up watching her friend from work Tina move in with her after she has no other place to stay. Poor Tina it seems was dumped by her boyfriend and thrown out of her apartment. Tina drives Miss Bliss bonkers. Zack ends up paired with Nikki for a school project and they have trouble getting along as well.

Practical Jokes

Miss Bliss gets fooled by a joke on April Fools Day and decides to use this incident as a reason to demonstrate how the court system really works. Miss Bliss' class room becomes a court room, and students become, prosecuters, defense lawyers and the jury. Screech is assumed to be guilty, and Zack defends him. This was one of the more classic Miss Bliss episodes.


A rock star named Stevie comes to school. Zack pretends to be dying as part of a scheme to get the rockstar to kiss him so he can win a bet with Nikki. Stevie catches on to this as she gets to know Zack's style while staying with Miss Bliss.

Clubs and Cliques

Zack really wants to be part of a cool group but finds their initiation requirements a bit more than he had in mind. Zack gets a nice red jacket to signify his membership in the club but he is told that he has to ditch his friends, Lisa, Screech, and Mikey. Zack at first sits with his new friends and ignores his true friends, but he ultimately learns that a red jacket is just not worth all of this. The "cool" guys come to reclaim their jacket and Zack tries to get on good terms with his true friends again.

The Mentor

The former teacher of Miss Bliss comes to school and causes havoc with his unusual ways.

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