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The New Class

Ten Reasons the New Class was not as good as the original Series

10 too many cast changes

9 There are no episodes hosted by Casey Casem

8 Screech is brought back and placed into Bayside in a most moronic role

7 Mr Belding and Screech make a poor team, and are nothing like the Zack/Mr Belding rivalries of the past

6 the stories are largely recycled from the Original Series

5 There is no actor James to impersonate Mr Belding or others to provide something different

4 There is no real Jessie like character that can refuse to be called babe or chick

3 The characters are not distinct and their names are hard to remember. In the old series the first and last names of everyone important was a snap to remember, but not in the new class.

2 All the episodes came on early on Saturday, the old Saved by the Bell in its glory days could be watched many times in the afternoon in reruns.

1 It is not the original Saved by the Bell, and there is no Zack Morris, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa, or Slater!

Saved by the Bell the New Class was an attempt to bring a new generation to Bayside. The show was launched as the original gang was off in College. In the beginning the shows were pretty much a return to old concepts. In the original Saved by the Bell episodes there was one with a Snow White play, a play and the exact same situational problems would return in an episode of the New Class. A good idea reborn is ok for a while but eventually the ideas become stale. The original cast included Weasel someone that mimicked Screech from the past, and Tommy, a Slater like Jock and another character that mimicked Kelly and one that mimicked Zack. The show went through many cast changes, and the current cast in the picture to the left is practically unrecognizable to any that watched the New Class from the beginning.

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