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Other Bayside High Characters

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Mr. Belding
Mr Belding while the principal of Bayside and a proverbial authority figure serves as a defacto member of Zack's band of friends. Richard Belding travels with the gang all the time. He is absent from the College Years episode, and the Malibu Sands episode but he even managed to travel and be with the gang during a trip to Hawaii and Las Vegas. He remembers his days as a radio disk jokey with great joy. He was the Chubby Checker so to speak. Mr Belding has a brother, Rod, and even he has to visit Bayside. After Rod leaves to pursue a stewardess, Mr Belding takes the gang on a white water rafting trip that his brother had promised them.


Tori transfers into Bayside and serves as a replacement character during the gang's 12 grade year. For the episodes she is in both Jessie, and Kelly were absent. Tori posesses a tough motorcycle girl image but is fragile and not all that different from any other girl. She is paired up with Zack for a class project about advertising and from then on it seems everything is cool between Tori and the gang. At first Slater and Zack compete to see who will kiss her first, but they always compete for the new transfer students don't they?

Casey Casem

Casey Casem is a famous host of America's top 40 countdown. He
appears near Bayside and the Max on a few occasions. He helps the
gang during a dance competition and guides a retrospective of the rises
and falls of Zack's band. Casey Casem was the voice of Shaggy in Scobby Doo.

Max - The person that runs the Max, the only hangout the gang from Bayside ever goes to. Max enjoys showcasing his magic talents by pulling rabbits out of hats and making coins dissapear. Max in one episode runs into financial difficulties, the gang holds a telethon to save the Max. Max helps to reunite the gang after Buddy band madness has driven them apart. Max is liked by everyone, Kelly even gets a job at the Max.

Violet - Screech's only true love at Bayside. At first her parents do not approve of her relationship with Screech but they come to like Screech too. Violet is played by Tori Spelling, the daughter of media mogul Aaron Spelling. Gee I wonder how she got her part on Saved by the Bell?

Mr Tuttle - Teacher that teachees Drivers Ed to the gang in an episode where Zack rigged the indoor cart to crash. He meant to frame Slater but ends up hurting Kelly. Mr Tuttle also is the teacher that got the gang into the Buddy Bands versus Friendship Bracelets war as part of a project for his class.

Mr Dewey - Quiet nerdy teacher with glasses that speaks softly and always says things he thinks are funny but really aren't.

Zack's Dad - a busy man that works much of the time. Zack in one episode resorts to using a cell phone to talk to him when he is in the same room. Zack hires actor James to impersonate his dad to cover up a bad grade in another episode.

Kelly's Dad - Kelly's dad, he loses his job in one episode and Kelly lies to her own father and tells him that she can live without the Prom to save money for the family.

Eric Spano - Jessie's stepbrother that blackmails Zack after seeing him on TV at a baseball game when he supposedly was out of school sick. Eric ultimately helps the gang repair Belding's car which was damaged. Appeared in a two part episode.

Mr Moody - owner of Mr Moody's store for men, and Kelly's boss at a job she has at the mall. He fires a girl because she was homeless. The gang comes to her rescue and Mr Moody sponsors a play the gang is putting on for Christmas. In a two part episode.

James the Actor - a driving force between many of Zack's schemes. James pretends to be Mr Belding, Zack's father, and a representative from Harvard. James dramatic flare really is humorous when he almost overacts the simple impersonations that Zack gives him to do. Remember when his fake mustache kept falling off?

Ox - a large jock that often associates with Slater. He is seen in a few episodes throughout the Bayside years.

Rod Belding - Mr Belding's brother who comes to Bayside as a substitute teacher. The gang loves him and his easygoing nature. He promises the gang a white water rafting trip but then bails when a better opportunity comes for him. Mr Belding takes them on the trip instead.

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