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Name: Samuel "Screech" Powers

Likes: science, his robot Kevin, and Lisa

Achievements: beats a Russian foregin exchange student in a chess
tournament, helps Kelly do well on a science test

Dreams: to be more like Zack and impress girls

Screech, is the head of Bayside's insect club, miniature golf club, and chess team. He serves as leader of the "geeks." Screech has known few girlfriends, although his friend Zack tries to help hook him up on many occasions. Zack even invents a secret admirer for Screech and dresses up as a girl to pose as a make believe girlfriend of Screech's. Screech finds one girl, Violet to be his one true love after all his time pursuing Lisa has earned him nothing. Violet proves inspirational as Screech beats a Russian exchange student in chess.

Screech constantly follows the schemes of Zack. In many ways Screech is Zack's apprentice. Screech pretends to be Zack on one occaison to take out Mr Belding's Neice so that Zack can tend to other matters. Screech goes under water to take pictures of Bayside's female swim team.

Screech enjoys science, and once even tutors Kelly. Screech is the ultimate accident prone man. If a thing can cause an accident Screech will have an accident. Screech trips, falls, and embarasses himself all the time.

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