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Tori (Grade 12) Episode Guide

* To view a picture of Tori as played by Leanna Creel visit this site's Other Saved by the Bell Characters

The New Girl

A new girl, Tori, transfers in to Bayside as everyone cool always does in the show. At first Tori and Zack do not get along at all. A creative teacher who previously started the Buddy Bands vs Friendship Bracelets war starts a new project. This time the subject is advertising. Tori and Zack are paired together. Neither seems commited to doing much work. On the day of Zack's presentation he stands before the class with little to say, until Tori comes in late. Zack then quickly incorporates her tardiness as part of a marketing pitch for an electronic organizer so she wouldn't be late again. The teacher loves the ad, and really did think Tori was really late for a minute which she really was.

Teen Line

Zack answers calls at Bayside's teen line and gets into trouble when he agrees to meet a girl he talked to on the teen-line. Zack meets her at the Max and discovers she is handicapped and in a wheel chair. At first he doesen't know what to think. Slowly he comes around to accepting her for who she is. The gang has a game of wheelchair basketball for charity. The wheelchair girl shoots the winning basket to end the game. Lisa the person who always handles the prom committe gets over her head when she offends the comittee so much that she is on her own.

Masquarade Ball

Zack and Slater bet on who will be the first to kiss the new girl Tori. An upcoming Masquarade Ball serves as the perfect chance for them to find out. Lisa discovers she has a secret admirer only it isn't who she thinks it is; its Screech yet again.

Day of Detention

Everyone ends up spending a day in detention. At Bayside detention sure looks to be the place to be as everyone cool is always there at one point or another.

Drinking and Driving

Everyone celebrates Lisa's victory as Bayside's new homecoming queen at a party.. Zack tries to drive everyone home, but ends up wrecking because he was drunk from the party earlier.

Class Rings

Zack thinks that he is getting a good deal on class rings for Bayside when he buys them from a shady character. He ends up being swindled out of the school's money.

The Will

A former student, an alumni of Bayside leaves money to Bayside via a will that is recently discovered. The boys want to use the money on boy's sports, the girls want to use it for girl's sports. A competition between the girls and the boys ensuses to determine the use of the money. Zack gets Screech to sabatagoe the girls cooking equipment for one of the competitions.. Screech takes one of the knobs off of their oven. This episode reminds me a lot of the competitions in the ROTC episode where Zack leads the geeks against the jocks.

Slater's Sister

Slater's sister comes to town, and Slater becomes jealous when Zack tries to date her.


A baby Shower is thrown for Mrs Belding. Zack, Tori, and Mrs Belding get trapped in an elavator during an earthquake and Zack ends up delivering her baby. The baby is named after Zack in the end.

Best Summer of My Life

A compilation episode featuring clips from the Malibu Sands episodes.

School Song

Bayside holds a competition to determine a new school song. Zack seems determined to win, even if he has to resort to extreme measures to win.

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