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Saved by the Bell: Wedding Movie

Order the VHS movie from

Order the VHS movie from

This made for TV movie marks the end of the magical group from Bayside that changed lives and made life fun for millions at home. The movie featured Mike Rogers, and Alex from the College years as well as the original gang from Bayside (Zack, Kelly, Lisa, Screech, Jessie, Slater, and Mr Belding). The cast reunited even though the gang was not together during the College Years episode.

The movie begins with Zack, Screech, and Slater playing paintball in the woods. Zack and Slater are surrounded and about to be shot, then a schme is born. Slater and Zack pretend to be fighting. Since paintball is just a game the other team members don't know what to make of this and hence shoot no one in the confusion. Screech emerges and shoots all the other team members, and Zack and company win.

The gang prepares to travel home, but while driving through they happen to come by Bayside High. The outside of the school is shown for the first time ever. The gang thinks back to the good times they had and then proceed to their respective homes. Zack tells his parents about his plans to marry Kelly, his father is furious. Zack then sneaks out with the guys and plans to travel to Las Vegas to marry Kelly. The guys make a bet with the girls to see who can make it to Vegas first.

Zack worries that the money he has will not be enough to get them to Vegas and pay for the marriage. Zack and the boys get arrested and spend time in jail and find themselves short on cash. They take up jobs as male escorts. Zack has to be an escort at the same time he has a planned date with Kelly and trouble ensues. In the end Zack's parents come around and visit the grand wedding of Kelly and Zack.

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