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Terminator 3D Battle Beyond Time

In Universal Studios in Orlando Florida there exists a $60 million Terminator event/spectacle/movie the likes of which have never been showcased before anywhere in the world. Upon entering the Terminator Battle Beyond Time building you are greeted by a Cyberdyne Systems attendant eager to showcase the strives in technology that Cyberdyne Systems has made to improve life and improve the defense of the United States. The attendant proceeds with her public relations pitch which truly makes her company Cyberdyne Systems appear to be the solver of all of humanity's ills through technology. Young children can play in the streets safely and securely because Cyberdyne Systems technology works hard every day to make those streets safe from terrorists, enemy armies, and even criminals. In the middle of her presentation two "terrorists" force in a transmission denouncing Cyberdyne Systems as a company of death and automated killings. Just who would paint such a picture of a firm providing computer services, military services, and technological advancements to make the world safer? The pair presenting this message is John Connor and his mother Sarah who know in the future that the technology of this firm will wage war against not only the officers of Cyberdyne Systems, Inc. but against all members of the human race.

In the building crowds of people look on wondering just what will happen next. Most events/rides have wait time that leaves one complaining. This event's wait time leaves you puzzled and even more interested. To the theator you are lead. On each side sits 3 metallic crates before a giant video screen. I myself tapped one of these crates on top and thought "gee what are these boxes for." I assumed the crates were futuristic storage containers to lend effect to the theator much as ACME company crates are seen throughout Universal Studios in reference to a fictitous company featured in Roger Rabbit. Upon sitting down, a Cyberdyne Systems technician puts on a display of the latest technological offering from the company. Up from the six metallic crates I commented on earlier emerged 6 lifesize robots that fire into the air and march in place. Next 3-D glasses are handed out and the movie begins. I put on my 3-D glasses, at first curious to see how the 3-D movie would look with the glasses. I thought damn that dude who just emerged on stage looked very real. I then took off my glasses and sure enough there was an actual man on stage in Arnold style attire blasting his way onto the scene on a motorcycle. The bike is ridden off stage and out of view with a live action John Connor look alike as 3-D footage is blended with this live action display.

The 3-D movie features a story in which John and Sarah Connor are trying to spread the truth about Skynet as a T-1000 and an Arnold style terminator emerge in the present to do battle. From there Arnold takes John Connor into the future for one last battle with Skynet for the future. In the future Arnold himself rides with John Connor across a road of human skulls on a Harley as aerial attack planes chase, blast the ground everywhere, and ultimately cause the bike to throw its riders. Arnold takes off on foot as Terminators pursue. Arnold and John go into Skynet itself to destroy it and prevent judgment day. Small aerial robots pursue and a giant T-1000 style octupus creature guard the final path to Skynet's control complexes. While the 3-D movie was brief it was set almost entirely in the future and features the best Terminator future war scenes ever devised. The mixtures of the 3-D footage with a live action battle between a T-1000 and a reprogrammed Arnold style computer makes the movie unbeatable. Its worth going to Universal Studios in Florida just to see this one movie/live action spectacle. The Terminator 2 Special Edition DVD features video clips about the making of this 3-D movie but doesen't feature an uncut 2-D video version of the movie.

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