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Terminator 2 is a follow up to the 1984 cult classic the Terminator. The Terminator movie made Arnold Schwarzenegger known in the world and launched one of the greatest action star career's in history. Arnold made more for his acting role in T2 than the entire production cost of the first Terminator movie.

The movie begins amidst a battlefield of the future. A humanoid Terminator endoskeleton slowly steps down on a human skull as if to crush the human spirit. Humans are seen running, ducking, and shooting but always moving forward against an array of machines which are gathering across the landscape eager to do battle. A human soldier is shot and rattles around before dying to the ground. Another group of humans launch a rocket launcher at a hunter killer in the sky before their truck is destroyed. A terminator squirms on the ground after damage prevents it from getting up; a human quickly finishes him off. Slowly the scene shifts to a human overseeing the action from a distance. Beside him lurks a gunner with a powerful mini gun surveying and looking for threats. A leader looks through binoculars onto the battlefield. A scar is revealed and it becomes apparent that the leader of the human resistance John Connor is the man with the scar.

Through narration Sarah Connor, the mother of the future leader of human resistance against machines tells the audience that in addition to the Terminator sent to strike her in 1984 another was sent to strike at her child John in 1991. As before a protector was sent, this time the protector is a machine. The scene shifts to present day Los Angeles. A humanoid figure arrives nude in a deserted part of the city. He flexes his muscles as if to test for mobility and then moves forward in search of clothes, and transportation necessary for his mission. This humanoid is of course the Terminator Arnold. Arnold arrives in a bar demands clothes, boots, and a motorcycle and fights his way through those that oppose him. After a short fight Arnold gets the clothes, and the motorcycle he needs. Another man emerges with a shotgun. Arnold slowly walks up to him, takes the gun, and takes a pair of sunglasses before rolling out on his new Harley Davidson motorcyle.

In another part of the city another humanoid figure lands nude as before. He quickly overpowers a police officer and takes his gun. This figure which landed was a new Terminator machine, a T-1000 composed of liquid metal and able to take the shape of anything it physically samples. After the introduction of the two terminators, a young John Conner is introduced as a troublesome youth with computer hacking skills. His mom Sarah Connor is seen in a mental hospital. The Cyberdyne Systems company mentioned in the first movie is introduced via a computer research center and is shown as a place where technology from the future is being used to develop a new type of revolutionary processor thanks largely to researcher Miles Dyson.

With the characters introduced the movie proceeds with battles between Arnold and the T-1000 to decide the fate of John Conner, the future leader of the world. His mother, is freed from a mental institute and together Arnold, Sarah Connor, and young John escape the T-1000 and hide out in the desert, away from the city. Away from the threat of attack from the T-1000 it doesen't appear in what direction the movie will go. Ultimately Sarah Connor decides to try to change the future and destroy the person and company that will create technology that in the future will be responsible for 3 billion human deaths. After a raid on scientist Miles Dyson's house, Sarah, John, and Arnold plan an attack to destroy everything at Cyberdyne Systems with the help of Miles Dyson.

Against Swat Teams, tear gas, and police cars, Sarah, John, Miles, and Arnold destroy things and plan their escape from Cyberdyne Systms. There they meet the T-1000 that attempts to destroy them with a helicopter and then a liquid nitrogen truck. A chase leads everyone to a steel mill where the T-1000 is killed and Arnold, a T-800 terminator is terminated so that it's chip can be destroyed to hamper the development of machine technology that will destroy mankind.

The movie ends with questions about the future. Nothing is set and if Cyberdyne does not develop Skynet the computer that kills man in the future, then perhaps someone else will. The ending sets up possible new beginnings but was not the only ending shot. (See DVD Special Edition Cut Scenes)

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